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48 Companies Secrets Stolen Using Poison Ivy

Recently, at least 48 firms were successfully attacked when the “Poison Ivy” virus was planted on their Windows PCs. The attacks started probably in July and continued until mid-September of this year. The cause of the infection was by means of emails sent to different employees (Spam) that requested a meeting, updates to antivirus software or Adobe Flash Player (Phishing). Opening the message attachment, the employees unknowingly made their companies roll in Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy is categorized as a RAT (remote-access Trojan) attack. Once infected, the virus issues commands to collect logon passwords to gain access to servers hosting confidential information, and eventually offload the stolen content to hacker-controlled systems. So what can a company do?

There are a number of tasks companies can do, but understand that nothing will give 100% protection. Moving to the cloud can cause even more problems so don’t look for that as a solution. The best advice for any size company are:

  • Train employees on security and what to watch out for
  • Deploy a multi-factor password manager to eliminate weak passwords and protect against keyloggers.
  • Upgrade computers to Win7 and servers to Server 2010. Microsoft has been making big strides finally in security.
  • Deploy Forefront and Identity Manager so access rights can be controlled
  • Encrypt data
  • Have a security expert on your team, even if it’s from an outside consulting firm.

Access Smart has been working with a number of companies that add different security aspects. Our new Additional Resources web page is designed to offer products/services that address a company’s vulnerabilities. We have broken down these companies into 6 categories:

  • Building security
  • Employee security
  • Device security
  • Network security
  • Preparation/planning
  • Recovery

It is with Access Smart’s products and those of our partners that will help to reduce the risk of a data breach and know what to do if one should happen.

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