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Data Security first starts with Data Privacy

Data PrivacyLast week I had meetings with aids of Senator Boxer (D-CA), Senator Feinstein (D-CA), Congressman Becerra (34th Dist., CA), Deputy Secretary Bruce Andrews  (U.S. Dept. of Commerce), and finally the leadership for the U.S. House Small Business to discuss my concerns about data privacy and why I support the LEADS (Law Enforcement Access to Data Stored Abroad) Act of 2015.

LEADS is an important step to reform our outdated data privacy laws. For the last 18 months there has been a vibrant debate about how to balance personal privacy and public safety. It’s clear that there is an urgent need to move past debate and take action. Citizens around the world don’t believe their data privacy rights are sufficiently protected, while law enforcement officials express concerns about their ability to do their jobs.

This Act strengthens the protection of Constitutional due process rights and limits the extraterritorial reach of search warrants. It also proposes a more principled legal blueprint for balancing law enforcement needs with consumer data privacy rights. It creates an important model that will help advance the international conversation that is so critically needed. Further, the LEADs Act is consistent with ongoing ECPA reform efforts supported by Microsoft and others in the technology industry. Passage of the LEADS Act would be a very important step, but there is more to do to ensure that 2015 becomes a year for solutions that promote personal data privacy and protect public safety.

We need your help. Please contact your Members of Congress (Senator and House) about your support for data privacy. Also, if you wish to become more active, I suggest you connect with Microsoft’s Voices for Innovation ( team. VFI is a Microsoft supported community of technology professionals and everyday Americans who help advance technology, IT job growth, and businesses of all sizes. As empowered citizen advocates, we work together to shape public policies for our 21st century digital economy and society.

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For security to be effective, it also has to be convenient. We all get frustrated managing our computer logon passwords. Often we end up doing silly things like writing them down on sticky notes or using one very simple password everywhere. These habits make it easy for cyber thieves to steal a company’s intellectual property, confidential financial statements, and employee’s personal information. Access Smart solves this problem with Power LogOn® – Multi-factor, Enterprise Password Manager.