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Access Smart Wins SMB TechFest “Best Security” Award

Power LogOn Secures Multi-Factor Authentication Before Bootup and the Firewall

Multi-factor Authentication Password InfrastructureLADERA RANCH, California—Access Smart, LLC today announced that its Power Logon Multi-Factor Authentication and Password Management System was voted “Best Security” by the attendees at the recent SMB TechFest, California’s largest quarterly technology conference. Power LogOn is an advanced Multi-Factor Authentication System with integrated Enterprise Password Management that secures networks, clouds and computers by combining physical and logical access onto a single credential and eliminating the weakest link in cybersecurity: user managed passwords.

“We are honored to receive the prestigious Best Security award at SMB TechFest,” said founder and CEO Dovell Bonnett. “SMB TechFest is a great venue to check out the latest developments in IT technology, hear industry experts speak and connect with potential partners. With so many outstanding products and solutions showcased at SMB TechFest, we are honored to have been selected as the best security solution.”

Dave Seibert, SMB TechFest co-founder and CIO of IT Innovators stated, “It was a delight to present Access Smart with our conference Best Security award.  Their multi-factor authentication platform brought a valued password management solution to our technology community.   Congratulations to Dovell Bonnett and his entire team.”

Passwords are secure! What’s insecure is how they are managedPower LogOn combines multi-factor authentication, data encryption, an enterprise password manager, and an IT centralized card/software management system to create a secure Password Authentication Infrastructure (or PAI.) What keeps PKI and certificate-based logon systems secure is how well the Private Key is protected. Power LogOn uses many of the same technologies and methodologies as PKI to secure passwords, but at a fraction of the cost, with fast installation time, and no backend server modifications. Power LogOn builds onto existing security infrastructures, instead of costly “Rip ‘n’ Replace.”

“We fix the weakest link in cybersecurity by taking password management and authentication out of the hands of users and putting IT back in control of their network security,” said Dovell Bonnett. “IT can centrally control passwords, making compliance with security policies effortless. When employees no longer have to generate, remember, type, manage, or even know their passwords, then implementing long, complex passwords that can change daily is easy.”

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Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Ladera Ranch, California, Access Smart, LLC is dedicated to empowering businesses, agencies and institutions to regain control over their computers and networks at the point of entry. Multi-factor authentication delivered in combination with password management. Authentication, authorization and non-repudiation do not have to be cumbersome or be certificate-based to be effective.  For more information, visit