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CAC – Cyber Security for the Business Owner

Network Access ControlAccess Smart announces the release of their new CAC (Cyber Access Control) Magazine. CAC is an online magazine for business owners, professionals and any other non-techies who want to understand the threats, the risks and the costs associated with computer and network (cyber) security.  It is often said that a strong offense is a great defense.  Business owners need to know the whos, hows and whys of cyber security in order to mount that great defense.  Data is the new world currency.

Everyday more and more news sites flood the headlines about cyber-attacks.  It doesn’t matter if it’s done by hackers, organized criminals, government agencies or your own employees stealing the data; by law, your company is liable for protecting customers’ private information. 

I named the magazine Cyber Access Control (CAC) because there are many different computer access points that make up this thing we call cyberspace.  Attacks can be digital, physical, social, technical or just plain user ignorance.  We will discuss them all.  We’re not here to slam or bash the attackers, hackers or crackers.  In many ways they are quite brilliant, and their attacks in the long run help plug security holes.  We are here to inform business owners and professionals about cyber security policies, products and best practices so they can better protect their company’s data.Cyber Security Magazine

Over my past 25+ years in security, the biggest hurdle I have run into is when a CEO or COO believes that a data breach won’t happen to them.  They may think that they are too small, they don’t have any valuable data or they have strong security documentation in place.  My response is that it’s not whether you have had a breech, but rather have you discovered it yet?

Some CAC issues will concentrate on particular industries like healthcare, law enforcement, government, education and SMB for example.  Other issues will concentrate on popular security technologies used.  No matter how we structure an issue, the goal is always to inform business owners and present information that can help you make educated decisions about your cyber access controls.

This first issue covers a subject about which I am very passionate, PASSWORDS.  So I have included a few of my previous blog posts, case studies, news releases and discussion specifically on this topic; as well as added articles from other security experts.  Security is done in layers.  You will get an understanding of all aspects to help find and plug any cyber security weaknesses in your business.

I hope you find the CAC valuable.  To subscribe, simply click here.