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CAC – Second Issue Focuses on Healthcare Security

CAC – Cyber Security for the Business Owner

CAC - Helathcare's Cyber Security StruggleAccess Smart announces the release of our second issue of CAC (Cyber Access Control) Magazine. The second issue of CAC focuses on the security concerns that healthcare providers face to protect patient medical information per the U.S. government’s HIPAA regulations.  Because security is a process and not a product, I have brought together many contributors to discuss these aspects.

HIPAA compliance is not easy, there are different  facets to it, and numerous other regulations for compliance.  For example there is employee training, physical security, electronic security, approved policy & procedure documents, encryption, electronic health records (EHR), and the list goes on.  Since security is made up of many parts, it only takes one weakness to bring the entire house down.  

Cyber Security MagazineThe cover art was picked to demonstrate the ultimate cost associated with a data breach.  HIPAA and the many other data privacy protection laws are complex and confusing; ignorance and non-compliance will no longer be tolerated by government authorities as an excuse for a breach.  Finally, while monetary fines and penalties amounting to millions of dollars are likely, there is also the threat that upper management will face prison time.   

The best course of action is to start educating yourself from these different industry experts.  Learn how they secure the healthcare market from their specialized point of view.

The conclusion I want you to come away with is that you first need to consult with trained security specialists and perform a total risk assessment.  Next, implement the technologies to fill any vulnerabilities.  Finally, once the security is in place have an insurance plan that covers your practice or business in case there is an attack.

You probably advise your patients to get an annual physical to identify any potential health risks before they develop into major complications.  Well, the same advice is true with your network security.  Once a breach occurs, the recovery costs back to wellness will be very high.  So please, get annual computer checkups so it’s not you on the cover.  

I hope you find the CAC valuable. To subscribe, simply click here.