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Power LogOn Contactless

Physical and Logical Access combined for a single, low cost alternative to PKI. Power LogOn offers enterprises the flexibility of full functionality using contactless card technologies like Prox, Mifare, DESfire EV1 and other RFID cards. The Power LogOn Contactless benefits include:

  • Cost Savings: No rebadging necessary if cards have been deployed.
  • Reduce maintenence: No costly reader replacements in high usage areas.
  • Easy Deployment: Employees self-enroll using their current ID card and a desktop card reader at their computer.

End-users are able to use strong, complex passwords that provide effective protection, because Power LogOn stores them securely so that end-users don’t need to remember them. Password information is entered into logon processes transparently, directly from the Power LogOn software into the logon process, so that keystrokes cannot be observed or recorded. Power LogOn contactless cards authenticate cardholder to a local computer or a secure server, and does not store data on this card type.

Two modes of operations:


Data is stored on local computer, so if cardholder needs to change computers, cardholder registers with Power LogOn on the new computer and restores current backup of data to the new computer.


Power LogOn data is stored on the secure server, so employees can use their cards to access logon data from any computer on the network or Internet. Pre-configured default settings in Power LogOn Administrator software also allow cardholders to save Sphinx data to a laptop so that logon data is available when they travel and do not have Internet access.