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Biometrics Are Less Secure Than Passwords

Biometrics give a false sense of security.

Biometrics authenticationOn Sept 23, 2015, Office of Personnel Management (OPM) revised the number of stolen fingerprint files to 5.6 million! Why should you care?

Some security pundits believe that biometrics are far more secure than passwords. They argue that since everyone has unique identifiers like their voice, iris, face and fingerprints, why not use these to authenticate a user in to a computer network? Sounds logical and from a theoretical perspective, it’s true. But major flaws become apparent during implementation. Read More→


GSA Schedule Contract Awarded  to Access Smart® to purchase of multifactor cybersecurity IT products.

GSA scheduleLadera Ranch, CA – June 2, 2014 – Access Smart, LLC, a leading supplier of logical access control solutions (LACS), wins a General Service Administration (GSA) schedule contract.  As the US Government announces new cybersecurity regulations, Access Smart is proud that our Power LogOn® enterprise password management solution is now available to government sectors to address these regulations.


This contract will enable government agencies and the Department of Defense (DoD) procurement officials streamlined access to purchase a multi-factor authentication password manager that quickly integrates with existing CAC, PIV and CIV credentials. Power LogOn is FIPS 140-2 validated that uses AES-256 and SHA-256 encryption, password “salting” and builds upon an agency’s existing cyber infrastructure.

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Christmas Cyber Attack – Who’s to Blame?

A cyber attack Scrooged Christmas. Treat security as a process – not as a product!

cyber attack

 In reading articles about the resent Christmas cyber attacks, the authors’ key take away is that global companies are extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data losses.  Guess what, so too are the small and medium size businesses.  Every business, healthcare service, government agency and educational institution is vulnerable since they all use many of the same technology components. So who’s to blame

 These last few weeks I have been asking the questions: “Who do you think should be held accountable for all the cyber breaches: the Merchants or the Technology companies?”  The responses have been most enlightening. Some blame the business owners, others the IT managers, some the technology companies, and some say all the above. Read More→

ZeroAccess botnet disrupted

By Microsoft, the FBI, Europol and industry partners. It’s about Time!

Cyber Access ControlIn the past I have written many blogs about how software companies and OS developers need to start taking security more seriously.  While Microsoft has been a focus of mine, it seems that they are finally being proactive.  While there new Digital Crime Unit is important, they also need to start reworking an entirely new operating system from scratch with no backward compatibility to DOS or older versions of Windows.  The Operating System should start from a security stance and then build in functionality.  Plus, the rollout can be limited to get other software companies to make changes to their programs, but in five years “Patch Tuesdays” should be a footnote in history books.

The following is an excerpt from a recent Microsoft press release on ZeroAccess. Read More→

Are your customers asking you for a Logical Access Solution?

Looking for a Logical Access Partner to handle all the IT concerns?

Logical AccessWe had a great presence at the ISC West 2013 conference in Las Vegas.  One recurring theme we heard from ID resellers was their desire to offer their existing customers a value add, card based, logical access solution for network security. 

I want to help you secure these new logical access business opportunities.

Companies, healthcare and government agencies are looking for multifactor cyber access control because of the increase in data breaches, implementation of privacy laws like HITECH, HIPPA and CJIS, and their overall concern for network security.  Our Power LogOn cyber access control allows you to add logical access to almost any type of ID badge your currently sell. And best of all, it only takes a few hours to install.

Access Smart wants to be your IT security partner.  It is our policy to work with you so you can offer your customers a multi-factor cyber access control solution.  Here is my promise to you:

     1.  You retain full ownership of your customer.

     2.  You will be a reseller of our Power LogOn.

     3.  We will assist you and your customer on all IT integration, training and support.

Logical access control does not need to be scary, cumbersome, or expensive when you have a partner with 20-years of industry experience.  If you are interested in expanding your business, up selling your existing customers and increasing revenue at no risk to your business, then please call me to learn more.

Data security begins with cyber access control. Cyber access control begins with Power LogOn.


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