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Cyber Warfare Protection Start With Cyber Authentication

Cyber Security begins with Network Access Authentication

Network Access AuthenticationMy first Law of Computers took a step backwards on November 20, 2012 with the announcement of the Pentagon’s new Cyber Warfare Central proposed by DARPA, Code Name “PlanX”.  The Pentagon is giving birth to a brand new, baby branch. Besides the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard we now have the Geeks. I wonder if their anthem will be the theme from Star Trek and the service men and woman will use the famous “three finger salute” to honor each other.

The DARPA proposal states:

DARPA is soliciting innovative research proposals in the area of understanding, planning, and managing military cyber operations in real-time, large-scale, and dynamic network environments. Plan X will conduct novel research into the nature of cyber warfare and support development of fundamental strategies needed to dominate the cyber battlespace. Proposed research should investigate innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances in science, devices, or systems. Specifically excluded is research that primarily results in evolutionary improvements to the existing state of practice.

Cyberspace is the new battlefield as I blogged about earlier. Identity theft has migrated into cyber warfare. It’s no longer about governments attacking governments, armies against armies, or radicals against governments. Everyone and everything is a target: civilians, corporations and infrastructure are part of the cyber battlefield. The cyber warriors are found in their home basements, internet cafes, etc..

Network access has to begin before the firewall. Plan X only emphasizes the demand to implement my second Law of Computers – Law #2: Computers must first positively authenticate the user, determine that user’s rights and privileges, and leave an accountability record before executing its programs.


See FoxNews article, Inside ‘Plan X’:’ The Pentigon’s Plan for cyberweapon central for more cyber warfare information