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Power LogOn – Two Cybersecurity Modes

cybersecurity Mutifactor AuthenticationMultifactor Authentication Cybersecurity

Power LogOn offers IT the flexibility to determine how best to implement multifactor authentication cybersecurity. It has always been Access Smart’s belief that Power LogOn should allow custom configurations to meet a company’s security policy, and not force a company to change their security policy because of a product’s limitations.

Power LogOn can operate in either On-Card Mode or Server Mode. This flexibility allows Power LogOn to be installed in a small office to a large multi-international corporation. It’s the same product. So as a company grows they can use the same Power LogOn software to migrate from one mode to another.

I just finished our latest video on Power LogOn Administrator On-Card Mode. In this video you will understand where On-Card Mode is best placed. Please watch the video and contact us if you would like to know how Power LogOn best works in your business.

Link to Video