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Points of Vulnerability

Data Breach Security – Points of Vulnerability

Access Smart has identified six key data breach security points of vulnerability to a company, no matter their size. It is this interrelationship between these vulnerability points that companies must understand in order to develop a strong data breach security policy. In 2010 the average cost of a data breach to a company was $7.2 million per incident. While a password manager for Windows and network access authentication are strong tools for your data breach security architecture, sadly it is not enough.

That is why Access Smart started our Technology Partners program to implement additional data breach security safeguards. We work with each company we recommend and have a high level of confidence or their products, services and solutions.

“Security is a process, not a product” – Bruce Schneier

Data Breach Points of Vulnerability

The Building Security:

The first line of data breach security defense is at the building or physical security. This includes physical access, monitoring, CCTV, policies, etc. Here are companies we work with that focus on data breach security by way of building security.

The Employee Security:

Employee carelessness is still the leading cause of data breach security problems. Whether is be from lack of security training or leaving a computer unattended, for the business the results are the same: Potential data breach. Here are companies we work with to help turn employees into security advocates.

Data Breach Security Data Breach Security

The Devices Security:

One of the most common data breach security breakdowns is the lack of device security. There may be no secure access authentication, no data storage encryption or not keeping up with software security updates. Here are companies we work with to help secure your computer devices.

The Network Security:

When it comes to data breach security targets networks and cloud computing are prime attack points by cyber criminals. IT needs tools to build layers of protection and monitoring solutions. Here are companies that we work with for network security.

Data Breach Security Data Breach Security

Preparation Planning:

It’s not a question of if a data breach is going to occur, but have you discovered it yet. Like insurance, the best defense is a strong offense. Here are companies we work with that can help with your pre-data breach security strategy.


Even with all the data breach security safeguards, there’s no guarantee that a breach won’t occur. That is why you need tools to help managing the recovery and put the pieces back, even if you didn’t develop a preparation plan. Here are companies we work with that can help.

Data Breach Security Data Breach Security