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DNSChanger Trojan Faced Down by FBI

Unfortunately,an estimated 45,600 users will not be able to connect to the internet

malware data security threatsThis coming Monday morning may be unusually  tough for many Internet users and businesses. A nasty malware called  DNSChanger Trojan that infected computers and servers internationally will come to a tidy end as the FBI shuts down the infected servers hosting DNS. Unfortunately once these servers shut down an estimated 45,600 users will not be able to connect to the internet and resolving their connectivity issue won’t be easy either. To avoid an unnecessarily manic Monday utilize free tools such as Norton’s Power  Eraser and for Apple systems

Scan systems as soon as possible and even if there is assumed integrity-scan anyways. Monday’s don’t need to be rougher than they already are. 

To read more about  DNSChanger Trojan, Federal Government Acts Against Trojan; Some Users May Lose Internet Access Monday by Ken Presti.

“A DNSChanger Trojan literally changes the infected computer’s DNS settings,” explained Marcus. “When a user opens up a browser and enters a web address, good DNS settings will take you to the proper website. But if you’ve got malicious DNS settings, the criminal can point you to whatever server they want. So it can be used in a lot of nasty and malicious ways. The FBI has taken control of a lot of these malicious servers, and on July 9th, they are going to shut down all of these servers. That means if you open up your browser and you are infected with this malware, you won’t be able to get to the Internet because it won’t be able to resolve your DNS to the correct addresses or anything else.”