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Electronics Travel Dangers

Dangers of Traveling Overseas with Mobile Phones, Laptops, PDA’s and other Electronic Devices

Re-posting from “The Talon Shield”Data Security, June 2012, Issue #6

Hotel business centers and phone networks are regularly monitored in many countries. In some countries hotel rooms are often searched. All information you send electronically-by fax machine, personal digital assistant (PDA), computer, or telephone can be intercepted. Wireless devices are particularly vulnerable.
Security services and criminals can track your movements using your mobile phone or PDA and can turn on the microphone in your device even when you think it’s off. To prevent this, remove the battery. Security services or criminals can also insert malicious software into your device through any connection they control. They can also track you or listen to your conversations if your device is enabled for wireless. When you connect to your home server, the malware can migrate to your business or home system, can inventory your system and be received by the Security service or criminals.

Transmitting sensitive information or proprietary information is risky. Corporate executives and government officials are at risk but anyone can be targeted. Foreign security services and criminals are adept at “phishing”.
1. If you can do without the device, do not take it with you. Don’t take information you don’t need including sensitive contact information.
2. Back up all information you take and leave the backup data at home.
3. If possible use a different mobile phone or PDA and remove the battery when not in use.
4. Seek official cyber alerts from: and
5. Create a strong password, at least 8 characters.
6. Change passwords at regular intervals.
7. Download current up to date antivirus protection, spyware protection, OS security patches, and firewalls.
8. Encrypt all sensitive information on the device.
9. Update your web browser with strict security settings.
10. Disable infrared ports and features you don’t need.
For general travel alerts and information before you travel go to:


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