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Exporting Power LogOn

Network Access AuthenticationAccess Smart received their ECCN classification determination number today from the US Dept. of Commerce. We are classified as a 5D992b Information Security Software product which allows Access Smart to ship our Power LogOn software and licenses internationally.

Under this classification, no additional export documentation is required. Purchases can be made and shipped though the internet.

“We are very pleased to receive this classification since it allows our international customers faster and simpler fulfilment “, said Dovell Bonnett, Founder and CEO of Access Smart.

Please contact Access Smart for a no obligation consultation on how best to implement Authentication, Authorization and Non-Repudiation into your business. Access Smart – The Alternative to PKI.

“The first line of defense is authenticating who’s knocking on your network’s ‘front door’. That’s why data security begins with network access authentication, and network access authentication begins with Power LogOn.” – Dovell Bonnett, Founder and CEO of Access Smart