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Germ Free Cards Using Antimicrobial PVC

Germ free cards using Antimicrobial PVC

With all my LinkedIn activities I came across a great individual who holds the patent to a product that might be of great interest to you.

Lisa Holmes has patented the addition of antimicrobial chemicals into plastic cards and tokens. It adds no color to the plastic (e.g. PVC) so it will work for the clear coat layer, it does not wear off because it is embedded throughout the PVC and it uses the same solution already incorporated in other publicly handled plastics like shopping cart handles, medical equipment, pens, etc.

This excerpt from her website explains what they do: “Antimicrobial Card Company is a pioneer in the emerging field of Antimicrobial Identification and Cash Substitution Instruments. We offer a simple solution for inhibiting the growth and transmission of germs, viruses and dangerous pathogens that thrive on the surfaces of intensely circulated products. Inspiring consumer confidence in those instruments and enhancing purity and cleanliness in consumer’s lives!”

When I first read the analysis from multiple healthcare experts about how long germs, virus and bacteria live on a card, the transmission of these germs and the way people handle cards, I understood the value of offering antimicrobial cards in the healthcare, hospitality, food service and retail industries. This can be added to ID badges, credit cards, loyalty cards, room keycards, etc.

Here is Lisa’s contact information:

Lisa Holmes
Antimicrobial Cards Co.
Email: lmholmes @
Tel: 817-680-1220