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HP ProtectTools Solution Available from Access Smart

HP ProtectTools Solution Available from Access Smart

HP ProtectTools

Hewlett-Packard computer owners have asked about getting a smartcard security logon system as advertised when they bought their HP computer. However, when they call HP Customer Support about the ProtectTools Solution, no information is forthcoming. In fact, their Customer Support cannot offer any information at all about the product.

HP claims that you can purchase smartcards and smartcard readers on their “Supplies and Accessories for Business Notebooks” web site. To date, smartcards are NOT listed on the site, so many HP customers are contacting Access Smart for advice and a solution. Access Smart® has a solution.

Power LogOn® by Access Smart has been offering smartcard-based, multi-factor authentication computer/network authentication for over six years. In the past, smartcards were only available to the Fortune 100 corporations and large government agencies. But Access Smart turned that business model upside down with a solution that is both affordable and scalable from one to hundreds of thousands of users.

We built our businesses off three key points:

  1. Every company, no matter the size, needs computer authentication security.
  2. Offer smartcard technologies based upon customer’s needs and not on expensive technology functions that are rarely used.
  3. Offer open, non-proprietary components that all work together so customers can meet their wants at the lowest possible cost.

Here are just some of the Power LogOn advantages:

  • Power LogOn uses your existing smartcard reader that comes with your HP Notebook so no additional hardware has to be purchased.
  • No back-end server modifications are needed.
  • Power LogOn works with a vast number of different smartcard chips from many of the key smartcard suppliers so there are no single source issues.
  • Because Power LogOn works with so many different chips and its versatility to authenticate into Active Directory, re-issuance of new smart cards may not be necessary.
  • Licenses have no annual subscription fees and no renewal fees. Licenses can be transferred and recycled to new cards with our optional customer support contract.
  • An average installation of 100 users can cost under $60 per user. (Price based on Access Smart’s standard smartcard, software license and no reader.)
  • Power LogOn takes IT hours and not months to implement and deploy.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Ladera Ranch, California, Access Smart is dedicated to empowering businesses and consumers to securely regain control over their digital information. Access Smart offers unique, high-quality, integrated hardware and software packages that securely manage important data over wired and wireless networks, computers, Point-of-Sale devices, kiosks, and any other device that can accept and communicate via smartcard technology.

Dovell Bonnett
Founder and CEO
Access Smart
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