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NIST Issued Framework to Complement Password Management Software Tools

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has issued a preliminary voluntary framework for improving critical security infrastructures in organizations. The guide builds on the President’s executive order on cybersecurity and is designed to be a complementary addition to established security systems, including password management software tools.
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NIST Reviews Standards for Network Access Control Programs and Others

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced a formal review of its current standards development process for publishing cryptographic guidance for manufacturers of network access control products and other security programs. The decision was launched shortly after the nationally-published leaks involving the National Security Agency or NSA.
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Controlling Employee Access with Secure Password Management Software

A report on the Business 2 Community website dated August 8, 2013 details how a business can control the password usage of their employees. When sensitive information such as access details is involved, it’s better to go the extra mile when it comes to security. The following are recommendations on how to restrict passwords only to those who need them. Read More→

Why Proper Network Access Control Is Very Important for Businesses

Last January 28, 2013, a ComputerWeekly article discussed why network access control (NAC) hasn’t caught on with most companies. For all its benefits, some businesses have failed to see the need for NAC. Such shortsightedness can backfire upon those companies who failed to implement some form of administration over their networks. Read More→