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Network Access Authentication with MagStripe Cards

Network Access Authentication using a Magnetic Stripe Card

network access authenticationAccess Smart®, LLC expands our network access authentication product line for data security. Power LogOn for MagStripe allows any issued magnetic stripe card to be used to log onto a computer and network. Imagine the cost savings and convenience of not having to re-issue cards, and the convenience for customers to use their existing loyalty card for network access authentication into a computer network. Some of the key markets are hotel lobby and airport kiosks, internet cafes

Power LogOn for MagStripe is a secure, two-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO) and single sign-off system that uses any magnetic stripe card (i.e. access control, student ID, drivers license, loyalty card, etc.) to be the “what you have” component. After swiping the card the user must enter a single PIN for the “what you know” authentication to securely access a server network. If the PIN is wrongly entered after six attempts the account is securely locked and requires IT to determine authentication before un-locking and re-setting authentication. Once authentication is validated the user accesses Windows® Active Directory and all their secure accounts. Plus, Power LogOn allows IT has the ability to secure sites so the employee doesn’t know the passwords, and the employee can save their personal sites so IT cannot see these passwords.

“The upfront costs of re-badging have been a barrier for companies to implement a multifactor card security,” says Dovell Bonnett of Access-Smart, Inc. “But, a company’s costs from a data breach can be far more costly. To help companies implement security, we develop different password management solutions based upon the needs of our customers.”

Here are just some of the Network Access Authentication cost savings from Power LogOn for MagStripe:

  1. Works with existing cards
  2. Users/employees self-enroll using their existing cards
  3. IT can build account templates to make account access secure and protected

“Strong security mechanisms must be at the forefront as businesses move to cloud based services,” said Mr. Bonnett. “If security is perceived by business owners as being too cumbersome or expensive to implement, they leave themselves vulnerable to data breaches and their customers to identity theft.”

Power LogOn for Magstripe is fully compatible with other security suites, applications and partner solutions. It is compatible with Win7 and Server 2008 systems. Please contact Access Smart for a no obligation discussion on how Power LogOn can improve your network access authentication.