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Data Securtiy Starts with Network Access Authentication

Network access authentication secures the firewall’s “front door”.

Network Access AuthenticationWe all have been told by IT that network access authentication requires complex passwords, a minimum of ten characters, different passwords for every sites, and changing passwords every 60-days. While this does set up a strong password security from IT’s perspective, it also forces employees to circumvent the security for their own convenience.

Now the government is mandating companies protect patient and customers personal data stored in computers. Companies need network access authentication by deploying a smartcard-based password manager.

Network Access Authentication Weaknesses without password manager security

As password security becomes more complex, employees typically will use one or more of the following to circumvent IT’s security.

  • Writing passwords on notes by their computer.
  • Saving an Excel spreadsheet store passwords on the desktop
  • Storing passwords in the cell phone can can be lost or stolen.
  • Using the same password for both personal and business accounts
  • Managers telling their assistant their corporate passwords

Companies need to install password manager security solutions that are cost effective, secure and convenient to the employee. Plus, companies need to combine security solutions like logical access, anti-cloning technologies, biometrics and physical access onto a single employee badge. All tackle the security problem a little differently, but they all are solid, robust products. 

Password managers for network access authentication has to including:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Log into computers and networks
  • Log into intranet, extranet internet sites
  • Log into computer program applications
  • Stand alone and Server modes.
  • Broad range of card technologies to keep card costs low and re-badging efforts to a minimum
  • Backward compatibility with existing card technologies

Some companies are delaying their security efforts for what seems to be higher priorities. But with the low cost of password manager security technologies and the high cost from a data breach, delaying may be the bigger mistake. No matter which product or solution a company chooses, password manager security technologies has to be deployed now.