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Password Management Software Featured in SAP Capabilities Study

Ladera Ranch, California (October 7, 2013) – Access Smart’s Power LogOn® software has been featured in a study that shows how it enhances the information security of SAP® data. A market leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, SAP cites the centralized password management software for its leveraging of cyber infrastructure, fast configuration and deployment, and cost savings benefits, among other offered advantages.

Power LogOn® leverages the existing cyber infrastructure of organizations that use SAP without affecting it. The software does not modify Active Directory or SAP configurations nor require changes to any existing user accounts. It also allows information technology (IT) professionals to manage passwords more systematically and enable end users to follow strong password policies more easily.


The software also wins points for fast configuration because the server and card management application of the Power LogOn® Administrator can be installed in a virtual or dedicated server in a matter of minutes. In turn, the software can be deployed just as quickly because program preferences, group policies for cardholders, and predefined card content can all be configured and managed centrally before cards are issued. Afterwards, they can be updated in real time.


Moreover, Power LogOn® delivers cost savings benefits to organizations in various ways. The software helps companies minimize the risk of having sensitive data breached, losing intellectual property, and incurring government fines and lawsuits. It has also been shown to cut down costs by preventing employee productivity loss due to forgotten passwords, as well as reduce Help Desk costs for resetting these forgotten passwords.


All in all, the capability study has shown that Power LogOn® meets strict requirements by SAP and the government for password security and privacy compliance. The study has also indicated that Power LogOn®-as a multi-factor, logical access password manager solution-is highly recommended by IT administrators, decision makers, and individual users.


With laws requiring government agencies and companies involved in healthcare and finance to safeguard personal information, the need for software promoting strong password security has never been greater. Interested parties who need an online password manager solution can visit to learn more about Power LogOn® today.


About Access Smart, LLC

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Ladera Ranch, California, Access Smart® is a certified small business dedicated to information security through reliable user authentication prior to network access. The company acts a one-stop-shop for IT professionals who are unfamiliar with smartcard components. They make make logical access solutions easy, fast, and inexpensive. Their software, Power LogOn®, complies with government privacy regulations.