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A Password Management System for Network Access Authentication

A Password Management System That Contains Password Management Software for Network Access Authentication

password management systemFor companies looking to reduce costs and increase worker productivity, companies would do well to implement password management system that utilizes smart cards within their organization. This password management software would greatly reduce help desk calls to reset passwords and prevent possible fraud or theft because of stolen passwords that were left out in the open. A smart card-based password manager system takes the password headache away from the employee and the IT department.

Employees are expected to remember multiple passwords for various websites used throughout the day in the course of an average work day. 97 percent of websites, networks and computers employ password authentication to access data. Complex passwords are often hard to remember, but they are needed for security. The passwords themselves are not the problem, but the way people choose to remember them is a huge problem. Passwords are written on paper and stored somewhere close to the computer. This is the number one way people choose to record and save passwords. It becomes an issue when the paper is lost or someone is able to retrieve the password from the desk and figure out how to use it. The same goes for employees that use the same password repeatedly for different websites and applications. This password can be figured out by hackers very easily.

By using a smart card-based system, the IT department can easily remove the password dilemma. This software program can do much more than this, however. On a corporate level, network access authentication policies are written by IT administrators and contain the network and security architecture, essentially all of the company’s security information. In implementing a password management program, you will want it to be able to work with your existing policies and not have to re-write them to work with the software. This software does all of this and much more.