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Multi-factor, Password Manager for Windows with No Rebadging Costs

Why rebadge when you can extend functions?

The convergence of physical and logical access on an employee ID badge has been a much discussed topic over the past 10 years. I know, I have been one of its major champions. However, the one stumbling block that has stopped its widespread implementation has been the high cost of replacing existing badges with more expensive cards, the rebuilding of a new access control database, and the wasted investment of the existing cards. Power LogOn® by Access Smart® has eliminated these barriers with an affordable, easy-to-install, Windows password manager that requires no changes or re-issuances to current physical access ID badges.

Virtually any existing employee ID badge can now be used to securely access corporate computers, networks, cloud sites and applications. Power LogOn works with your existing magnetic stripe, RFID, contact- and contactless-smartcard technologies. Here is a list of just some of the card technologies Access Smart supports:

  • Magnetic stripe (HiCo 3-track stripes)
  • Contact memory smartcards (SLE4442, Gemalto’s GemClub, Cryptomemory, etc.)
  • Microcontroller contact smartcards (Java, JCOB, Multos, MOST, etc.)
  • Crypto controller contact smartcards (Java, PIV, PIV-I, CAC, SafeNet, etc.)
  • RFID 125kHz Prox (XceedID, Indala®, HID®, etc.)
  • Contacltess smartcard (Mifare®, DES-Fire®, EV1, iClass®, ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B, ISO 14443A/B, ISO 15693, etc.)

Imagine the cost savings of not having to rebadge all your employees or install a new credentialing system when you want to expand the badge’s functionality. By eliminating rebadging, offering employee self-enrollment and no backend server modifications, Power LogOn saves 40-60% off the cost of other multi-factor network security implementations. Finally, because Power LogOn licenses require no annual renewal/subscription fees and existing licenses are transferable to address employee turnover, the cost savings are even greater throughout the life of the project.

Information security (InfoSec) experts all agree that passwords are going to be around for years but they also need to be more secure. The problem with most company’s password security policies is that they are too cumbersome to manage: Longer passwords, more complex passwords, & frequently changing passwords to list a few. InfoSec also point out that security increases with the addition of multi-factor authentication (something you have, know and are). However, companies face the problem of how to pay for re-badging or issuing higher priced credentials.

Access Smart addresses this problem by taking a complete systems approach to integrating credentials, encryption, biometrics, computers and servers to offer the greatest flexibility by leveraging off each component’s strengths. Why replace when you can extend. Since passwords are not going away, why not implement a solution that addresses security, low cost-of-ownership and ease-of-use. Here are just some of the cost savings you’ll realize with Power LogOn:

  • No replacement, call-backs or re-issuance of the current installed card base
  • No additional back-end server hardware modifications or purchases
  • No annual subscription or renewal fees on licenses
  • No expiration on licenses
  • No need to purchase new licenses every time there is employee turnover.

If you are looking to extend the functionality of your current ID badges and don’t want to have to replace your current system, please contact Dovell Bonnett, Founder and CEO of Access Smart, for a no obligation free consultation to learn more. Or call directly at 949-218-8754.