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Password Security Tips For Setting Up Your Google+ Profile

Tips for online password safety by Dovell Bonnett - Access-Smart.comWell, Google + is finally available for everyone. Great news for social network junkies and for identity thieves.

It is interesting how the information requested in setting up your profile is some of the very same information asked by some companies to verify the user. Have you ever been asked those security questions like” What’s your high school?” “What’s your favorite pet’s name?”, etc.? Of course you have.

What you need to be aware of that once you give those correct answers to your credit card company, mortgage holder or bank, what you have probably forgotten is that those answers about your high school and your pet’s name are very likely common knowledge on many of your social media profiles.

If you are answering these typical questions the same way every time, you may find yourself wondering just why in the world thieves find it so easy to hack into your accounts.

So, if you are compelled to place all sorts of personal information into these social network profiles be sure you don’t use the same answers that you have used on other sites when setting up and answering security questions.

What I often do is use the answer for another question to answer the selected question. For example I might answer the model of my first car with that of my favorite pet. Keep your information safe by mixing it up from site to site. It is very easy to keep a spreadsheet with your answers but it is far from easy to restore your financial identify once it has been stolen.