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Have you ever been a podcast guest?


Recently, I was a podcast guest on Practice Management Nuggets hosted by Jean L. Eaton. I was able to discuss my new book Making Passwords Secure: Mixing the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity, and it was a lot of fun. As business owners we don’t always have new opportunities to share our message with a broader audience, and participating in this podcast gave me that gift.

I highlighted many of the important topics in my Making Passwords Secure book. I discussed the importance of cybersecurity, the devastating costs of a cyber breach, and what are some things you can do today to safeguard your company or practice. According to a recent National Labor Board statistics, 70% of small business go bankrupt within 6-12 months after a breach. The average cost in 2015 from a breach was over $6M per incident. If you want to understand why these figures are so high, you need to listen to the podcast.

This topic is important to me because many companies and practices fail to understand that they now have two front doors to protect: The physical and the virtual. The virtual door is typically secured with a password. Passwords are secure, but how they are managed is the nightmare because the weakest security element manages them: the human element. Making Passwords Secure debunks many of the errors, myths and lies about passwords, and gives strategies on how you can improve security, reduce risks, and comply to the data privacy laws.

Would you like to learn about my tips and how to get a discount off the book?

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Thanks for the invitation to participate Jean L. Eaton.

Dovell Bonnett – The Password Guy



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