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Power LogOn is available on Amazon

Power LogOn on AmazonI’m excited to announce that Power LogOn Administrator Starter Kit is available on Amazon. After placing Power LogOn on Amazon, I asked a number of our users if they wouldn’t mind adding a comment and a rating. We received great testimonials and more are coming in daily.  While I write about how passwords are secure – but the way they are managed isn’t – it is important to hear from actual users about the problems they were facing and how Power LogOn helped them.


IT Professionals love Power LogOn because it’s fast, easy and customizable.

From Mr. Cervantez, IT Installer Professional: I’m an IT pro and have installed it on my clients Windows Server 2008 along with 6 Windows 7 Pro workstations. It’s been about 1 yr and both doctors love it, they go from exam room to exam room insert their smart card into a slot on the Dell keyboard/smart card reader and securely logs them in, and when they’re finished with their patient they remove the card and the computer securely locks. Everything is customizable and the company has excellent support if you ever need it. Highly recommend it.

Employees love Power LogOn as a save time tool.

From CTYankee, a small business owner: We are longtime Power LogOn users in our corporate office. With so many passwords securing private information – both ours and our customers’ – we knew we needed to have something in place to make sure no one got access. We use our building access card as one factor in the two-factor authentication, then everyone chooses their own PIN. Some passwords stored in the Power LogOn software are managed by our IT admin, but we can enter others in and manage them ourselves. After we started using it, no one could imagine ever going back to the way it was before, where everyone tried to remember all their passwords. This product is a must-buy, and has been extremely reliable for us.


IT Directors love Power LogOn because it saves them money and resources

From Ms. Clay, IT Director for a Public Charter School: We have used this product for over 6 years now. Back then, as the IT Director for a public charter school, I was looking for a way to increase the security of our student network without forcing students to have to remember strong passwords. I found Access Smart though a web search. I tried the software on a limited basis over the summer and was amazed at the ease of installation! I immediately made a business case for implementing this school wide. We originally started with an Access back-end, and soon thereafter converted to a SQL server back-end. We serve about 2000 students annually. Each year, with the help of tech support, we refresh our database and clear out all licenses for reuse the next year. Due to our enrollment cycles and the opening of another campus, we recently increased our licenses to 4000.

This product has been a life saver! The students and teachers like the product; our help desk calls for locked accounts dropped to almost zero; when students remove the card from the readers, they are automatically logged off of the computer they were using thereby freeing it to be used by the next student; students rarely forget their smartcards because it also is their ID card. The tech support is excellent! The white card readers are steady with a base that is hard to tip over and it is very durable.

I have and continue to be extremely pleased with the product, the company representative and the customer support.


Medical professionals love Power LogOn to address securing EMR data.

From Dr. Kalin, Ophthalmologist: I am an Ophthalmologist and have used electronic medical records for two years. Besides catastrophic data loss, my biggest fear is a security breach. One of the biggest vulnerabilities is a patient and a PC in a room behind a closed door. Locking Windows solves that problem, but it is cumbersome to enter multiple passwords each time I enter the room. Enter Power LogOn. This great product has allowed me to quickly and reliably log-on to Windows AND my EMR in less than a second. Set-up was made easy with their knowledgable tech support team and they have been a pleasure to work with. I feel this product is a must for all EMR users who wish to gain efficiency.


Thank You.

I appreciate what our customers have said and their loyalty. Passwords are secure, but their management isn’t. So Power LogOn solves the burdens of password management through advanced security and convenience.  Because no two customers are ever the same, Power LogOn allows you to customize it to meet your security requirements.

Power LogOn is available on Amazon

By placing Power LogOn on Amazon you have both the quality and customer protection of Amazon backing your purchase.  If you are tired of remembering or typing passwords, fed up with changing passwords every 90 days, or need an affordable security solution, then try out Power LogOn from Amazon.  To learn more about Power LogOn or wish to purchase our no risk starter kit, then please click here to go to