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Power LogOn® Provides Network Access Control Solutions for NeMCMHA

Ladera Ranch, California (October 1, 2013) – Power LogOn® by Access Smart is providing network access control solutions for the North East Michigan Community Mental Health Authority (NeMCMHA). The software’s strong security features help the healthcare service provider protect their digital information and adhere to the standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act).

According to Aaron Flick, Network Coordinator for NeMCMHA, Power LogOn® has all the features they look for in cyber access solutions: password security and management, multi-factor authentication into existing application, Active Directory and VMware compatibility, and employee ease-of-use.

The software offers the convenience of a cyber access card. It is also affordable because it works in both server and stand-alone based computers and requires no subscription fees. Moreover, it is able to transfer licenses, thereby facilitating employee turnover.

Power LogOn® is a smartcard-based password management software that provides access control protection for enterprise networks. It features an IT centralized password manager, allowing IT support teams to assign complex passwords for the network and change them as frequently as they want, thereby eliminating the need for users to remember or even know the passwords. It also provides indispensable network access protection from phishing, pharming, and keylogger attacks by checking and storing the URL of a logon account and not releasing the password if a site’s URL does not match with the stored information.

Power LogOn® is the brainchild of Access Smart, a one-stop shop that offers a wide range of logical access products like software, licenses, cards, and readers to make network authentication deployment fast and affordable. They are committed to providing computer security solutions directly to individual users, small businesses, and large corporations.

They stand behind their Power LogOn® products. Their Access Smart Return Policy allows clients who are not fully satisfied with the software for any reason to return the product within 90 days. They will replace, credit, or refund the purchase price minus any shipping and handling fees.

They also partner with resellers and vendors to meet the increased demand in different vertical markets to safeguard networks from cyber-attacks and comply with various federal and state privacy legislation.

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Access Smart offers a wide range of logical access products to make cyber authentication and network access secure, easy, and inexpensive. They were founded by in 2005 by Dovell Bonnett, an industrial and electrical engineer who has been creating security solutions for computer users for over 20 years.