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Power LogOn®

Power LogOn® Network Access Control Software 

Enterprise Password Manager with Multi-Factor Authentication

Cybersecurity must start when you turn on the computer!

Network access control software must implement user authentication before the operating system boots up. If user authentication begins behind the firewall (like with Single Sign On), you’re too late. The hacker already walked right through your virtual front door!

Power LogOn gives the IT Administrator the flexibility to choose Card + PIN, or Card + Biometrics, or Card + PIN + Biometrics to establish user authentication. After user-to-card authentication, unique information stored in the card (unknown to the user) is then used to authenticate into the network. The IT Administrator centrally controls and manages the operating system logon password and all other logon passwords. The user never directly authenticates into the computer or network – Power LogOn does it for them.

How do you login?

Even if employees already login to your network with a digital certificate, at some point, they are going to access a server, cloud, website or application that also requires a user name and password. How do they login to those? What if the IT Administrator centrally controlled and managed all those passwords, too? With Power LogOn, the IT Administrator can secure ALL of the company’s virtual front doors. When employees don’t manage passwords, social engineering attacks are eliminated because there’s nothing for them to tell. And password-reset help desk calls are greatly reduced because there’s nothing for the employee to know.

Keyloggers, phishing emails and cloned sites are also no longer a threat because Power LogOn always checks the account’s URL prior to releasing any logon information. When passwords are secured with a smartcard chip, the user can go to any computer running Power LogOn, log onto any account and leave no logon information behind after the card is removed.

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Passwords are not going away anytime soon!


Power LogOn – Your Network Access Control Software Key

Passwords are secure! What’s insecure is how they are managed. Power LogOn combines multi-factor authentication, data encryption, an enterprise password manager, and an IT centralized card/software management system to create a secure Password Authentication Infrastructure (or PAI.) What keeps PKI and certificate-based logon systems secure is how well the Private Key is protected. Power LogOn uses many of the same technologies and methodologies to secure passwords, but at a fraction of the cost, with fast installation time, and no backend server modifications. Power LogOn builds onto your existing security infrastructure instead of “Rip ‘n’ Replace.”

Put IT back in charge!

The IT manager configures Power LogOn to comply with their network access authentication policies, unlike other network access control software products which force the IT manager to change their company’s network access control policies to meet a product’s limitations. Power LogOn allows IT to centrally control passwords, making compliance with your security policies effortless. When employees no longer have to generate, remember, type, manage, or even know their passwords, then implementing long, complex passwords that can change daily is easy. Eliminate forgotten password resets and quickly deploy government required multi-factor authentication with up to eight levels of assurance.

  1. Something the user Has – the Card
  2. Something the user Knows – the Pin
  3. Something the user Is – Biometrics
  4. Something the computer Has – the Card
  5. Something the card Knows – the passwords and encryption keys
  6. Something the card Is – Unique Identifier or Certificate
  7. Challenge/Response – Card to Server and Server to Card
  8. Classification Code – Employee’s level of cyber access

Installation Made Easy

The Power LogOn Starter Kit allows IT to fully test for network compatibility and product functionality with no financial risk. There are no back end server hardware modifications required. No “Rip ‘n’ Replace” of existing security investments1.

After successful testing, complete roll-out is easy. There is no additional software to purchase or network integration required. Power LogOn functions as an add-on application to existing ID badges. HR has only one badge to issue, employees have only one badge to carry, and IT has no addition cards or dongles to stock, issue or manage.

Employees self-enroll into the Power LogOn system from their own computers. This eliminates the need for IT to collect and re-issue badges, or having to set up enrollment stations.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of describing all that Power LogOn can do. If you’re interested in learning more, please check out our Power LogOn Benefits and Features pages, or give us a call at (949) 218-8754.


Power LogOn is secure, affordable and convenient. We are so confident that Power LogOn will meet your security needs, we offer a 90-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee to test Power LogOn. If it doesn’t do everything we claim and more, send it back for a full refund.

Low Cost of Ownership

One of the biggest barriers companies face in implementing multi-factor authentication is cost of ownership. Display dongles have to be replaced when their batteries run down. Certificates have to be periodically renewed. Purchased certificates are thrown away whenever an employee leaves and new ones purchased for replacement employees. These are just a few of the hidden costs of ownership.

Power LogOn takes a different approach. We don’t require you to buy proprietary hardware. You can use what you already have or buy from a third party, if necessary. Access Smart can also be your one-stop-shop for all components, saving you valuable time, integration headaches, and money.

Power LogOn licenses don’t expire after they have been assigned to a card. There are no annual renewal or subscription fees. Licenses are transferable, which is perfect for businesses with high employee turnover.


Flexibility ranks as a strong point of Power LogOn’s network access control software. Whether for a single user or millions, client based computers or fully networked, online or offline, Power LogOn meets your unique requirements with robust flexibility. IT Administrators easily configure Power LogOn to match their security policies, not those of a vendor. Easily set password length, complexity, change frequency, user access policies, what’s viewable, and more by simply putting check marks into the Power LogOn Administrator software. Once set, employees can’t help but abide by your policies.


Easy Installation and Deployment Process


Purchase the Power LogOn Starter Kit which is designed to give you everything you need to fully test for network compatibility and integration.

You get:

  • Full version software
  • 2 readers
  • 6 smartcards
  • 30 demo licenses
  • 1.5 hours of tech support and training
  • Full documentation


Once installed, you’re ready to run a small pilot. Members of the Access Smart team walk you through installation and training. In most cases, we can get you fully up and running, and issuing cards, within one to two hours. Should your installation take a little longer, we will stay with you. Plus, we record your online installation and training session for you to reference later. This recording is only for you and is never posted.

During your pilot phase, you can test ALL of the features and functions of Power LogOn:

  • Issue Cards
  • Enroll Users
  • Manage lost and stolen cards
  • Hot list users
  • Transfer licenses
  • Set up password accounts
  • Create user groups
  • Create wizard template cards
  • Create activity reports
  • Manage remote access user accounts
  • Import employee databases
  • API is available for third party software integration
  • No proprietary hardware

Because Power LogOn can do so much more, call us to discuss your specific requirements.


Step 3: DEPLOY

After you have tested and piloted Power LogOn, you are ready for deployment. Simply determine the number of cards, readers and licenses you require, and buy what you need2.  With no additional software installation or server configuration needed, deployment is fast and easy. Designed to ISO and PC/SC standards, Power LogOn works with almost every commercially available card and reader.

If you don’t have cards or readers, Access Smart is your one-stop-shop to get everything you need. We listen and help you determine your needs, explain what other future applications can be considered, work within your budget, and help you build out your road map.

Whether you are a large government agency with hundreds of thousands of employees , or a small business with five employees, Power LogOn will work for you.

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We understand that you may have more questions than this website could answer. So please contact us at (949) 218-8754. We are happy to answer your questions about our unique network access control software.

  1. You may have to remove any existing password manager software that could conflict with the Windows operating system.
  2. Custom components will have minimum quantity requirements.