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Power LogOn® Benefits

Power LogOn – Smartcard Based, Multi-Factor,  Enterprise Password Management

Safeguard your business or agency

Passwords are still the number one way employees authenticate themselves into company computers and networks. Power LogOn easily integrates into your existing network architecture, communicates with many of your existing applications without any software modifications and secures the internet as an online password manager. The IT administrator can configure Power LogOn to comply to their specific network access authentication policies, unlike many other security products, which forces IT to change their policies to meet the product’s features.


Centralized Password Management:

  • Custom password-change frequency, strength, privileges, pre-set computer actions and more
  • IT easily implements and manages corporate security access policies
  • Full server integration with LDAP, Active Directory, Terminal Services, VPN, SQL Servers, etc.
  • Reduce IT help desk tasks and costs of resetting passwords & unlocking computers
  • Auto-launch and authenticate applications
  • Card life-cycle management and cardholder activity reports

Low Cost of Ownership:

  • No annual renewal or subscription fees
  • Licenses are recyclable
  • No back end server or network modifications required
  • Customization available
  • Non-proprietary components to meets ISO-7816 & PC/SC specifications
  • No rebadging is an option
  • Combine with existing physical access, ID cards, e-payment, etc.

Government Legislation Compliance:

  • Implement federal and state data privacy protection laws
  • Migration strategy as government security requirements change
  • FIPS 140-2 Verified
  • HIPAA multi-factor authentication, CJIS, HSPD-12
  • Works with existing PIV and CAC credentials


  • Multifactor authentication
  • Eight Layers of Assurance
    • Something the user knows (Pin)
    • Something the user has (Card)
    • Something the user is (Biometric)
    • Something the card knows (User Names, Passwords, URL)
    • Something the card has (AES-256 encryption keys)
    • Something the card is (Unique serial #)
    • Something the computer & card knows (Challenge / Response)
    • Something the application & card knows (User classification code)
  • Auto-logoff, -shutoff or custom script when card is removed from reader

User Convenience:

  • Two mouse click account logon
  • Users don’t have to remember, type or know account passwords
  • Every account has its own, unique password
  • Create complex user names and passwords
  • Multi-functional smartcards offer  single token convenience
  • Log onto computers, networks, clouds, applications, internet.
  • Online password manager or offline password manager

Versatility & Interoperability:

  1. Smartcard technologies (Memory, Java, Multos, PIV, CAC, custom)
  2. RFID (EV1, Mifare, DESfire, aptiQ, ISO-15693, ISO-14443, 125kHz Prox)
  3. Other (Magnetic stripe, barcode, etc.)
  • New applications and technologies can be added without losing any previously stored application data.
  • Power LogOn can be added to deployed cards without having to re-badge.
  • Power LogOn® APIs allow easy integration with third-party client and server-based applications.


  • Passwords available on any computer running Power LogOn.
  • Employees always in possession of the passwords
  • Remote secure access to corporate VPN networks