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Power LogOn Customization

After installing and testing the Power LogOn Installation Kit, roll out of the system is easy. Just add cards, readers and licenses for your custom requirements.


Cards: We offer a number of card options and customization options. What makes Access Smart unique is that you may be able to use your existing employee cards. Access Smart does not force or lock customers into buying proprietary card technologies or recommend expensive technologies that include features you will never utilize. Why pay for something you don’t need? Here are just some of the card technologies we can offer to support your IT network security needs:

  • Contact smartcard technologies (Cryptomemory, Java, MULTOS, CAC, PIV)enterprise password manager - smart cards
  • RFID and Contactless smartcard technologies (Prox, Mifare, DESfire, EV1, ISO-14443, ISO-15693)
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Dye Sublimation printable, CR80 PVC construction, etc.
  • Custom graphics (laminate printing, security inks, holograms, bar codes, etc.)
  • Click here to identify your card options


Readers: We offer a number of reader options. Every computer operates in its own environment based on the user’s needs. Access Smart offers a wide variety of readers based on the card technologies you choose. Once again, Access Smart looks at the customer’s current installation. If you already have readers that are built to ISO smartcard standards and are PC/SC certified, in most cases you don’t need to buy additional readers. Here are just some of the smartcard readers we offer to support your IT network security needs:

  • Contact smartcard readers for interfacing to USB, PCMCIA or ExpressCard portsenterprise password manager - readers
  • USB tokens with SIM modules and 2GB flash memory
  • Contactless smartcard readers for interfacing to USB ports
  • Magnetic stripe readers for interfacing to USB ports
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Licenses: The low cost of ownership of our Windows password manager is what makes us so unique. In today’s world of hackers, identity theft, and government privacy laws, security is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity! We at Access Smart don’t believe you should pay for the “privilege” of safeguarding your computers and networks with annual subscription or renewal fees. The ability to transfer licenses is perfect for those organizations with high employee turn over. With Power LogOn Administrator you have full control and ownership of the licenses. Here are just some of the features we offer to support your IT network security needs:


Additional Applications: What makes smartcards different from any other card technology is that you are carrying a small computer in your wallet, purse or clipped onto your clothing. Since it is a computer why not utilize these features to do more than one thing. Access Smart core competency is to authenticate the user knocking on the network’s “front door” by means of secure password manager for Windows. That is why we are partnering with other technology leaders who specialize in their particular security application. With all our technology partners. Access Smart offers integrated, out-of-the-box solutions so you don’t have to piece together multiple functions that may not be compatible. Here are just some of the additional applications we can offer to support your IT network security needs:


To meet your roll out requirement, please contact us to assist you in defining your needs. We are happy to supply you with a no obligation quote.