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Network access control starts with the card and the technology on the card.  When it comes to network access control solutions, a one solution fits all product line does not address the needs of the customer. That’s why Access Smart offers a wide variety of card technologies combinations to create a single card system you need.

Any multi-application security solution always begins with the card technology. It doesn’t matter is you want to add physical access, logical access and/or ID badge. It doesn’t matter if you have Prox, magstripe, contactless RFID or contact smartcard technologies. Access Smart works with our customers to build the best card technology with the least amount of existing infrastructure modifications. Don’t get locked into buying proprietary card technologies or sold expensive card technologies that include features you will never utilize. Why pay for something you don’t need?  Please contact Access Smart to help determine which card technologies meets your needs. Pricing is determine on quantity, technologies and custom services requested. Access Smart will send you a quote.

Standards Contact Smartcard Chip Options:

Contact Smart Card

Contact Smart Card

Contact smartcards gives IT managers the option to use these cards in either Power LogOn’s client or server mode. In client mode, contact smartcards allow the user to store their passwords directly onto the chip. In server mode the card is tied into the server directory like Active Directory. Price of the chip varies depending upon memory and features. Contact chips can also be embedded into RFID cards that are typically used in physical access. Finally, since the card does have to interface with a smartcard readers, contact smartcards readers are the most versatile in designs (Desktop, portable or laptop slots), computer interface slot (USB, PCMCIA or ExpressCard) and are usually less expensive that contactless readers.

  • CR80, PVC card bodies
  • Dye Sublimation acceptance
  • 32KB Cyptomemory
  • 36K MULTOS microcontroller
  • 36, 72, or 90KB Java microcontroller, Global Platform, Java Card Platform
  • PKI and non-PKI crypto coprocessors
  • We can also work with other vendor’s chips


Standard RFID and Contactless Smart Options:

Contactless smart cardsContactless  smartcards have limited memory and therefore are used in Power LogOn’s server mode. The same RFID that allows a person to enter a building (physical access) is the same to log them into a computer and/or server. Contactless technologies are also best suited for harsh environments where concern of liquids or debris on the card or in the reader is a concern. Finally, since the card does have to interface with a smartcard readers, contactless smartcard readers are typically more expensive than contact readers.

  • CR80, PVC card bodies
  • Dye Sublimation acceptance
  • 125 kHz Proximity
  • ISO 14443  Type A, 13.56 MHz, Mifare®, DESFire®, and EV1
  • ISO 14443 Type B, 13.56 MHz

Standard Magnetic Stripe Options:

Magstripe Card

Magstripe Card

Magnetic stripe cards offer no memory and therefore are used in Power LogOn’s server mode only. They are least expensive of all the card technologies. Finally, since the card does have to interface with a  reader, magnetic stripe readers usually work with desktop computers or computer keyboards with built-in readers . 

This solution is perfect for those businesses like restaurants and retail stores where their employees us an ID card, or customers have loyalty cards.


  • CR80, PVC card bodies
  • Dye Sublimation acceptance
  • 1-, 2-, or 3-track
  • HiCo, 2750 Oe
  • LoCo, 300 Oe
  • Payment strip

Custom Graphics and Card Technologies

Multi-tech Card

Multi-tech Card

Since many of customers use their card as an employee badge, we offer a wide range of different custom graphics options. In most cases there is typically a minimum requirement of 500 cards per order to make custom graphics affordable. Please contact us regarding your needs and help determine your best options.

  • Mixing of different card technologies listed above into one card
  • Lithographic card printing
  • Holograms, OVD, color shifting inks, UV inks, and other security features
  • Barcode
  • More options are available upon request

Access Smart can customize your cards to meet your needs. Please contact us so we can help identity those technologies that meet your needs and budget.



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enterprise password manager - Power LogOnenterprise password manager - Power LogOn enterprise password manager - Power LogOn