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enterprise password manager - Power LogOnExpand Network Access Control with Power LogOn Licenses

Power LogOn licenses delivers the lowest cost of ownership than any other network access control solution on the market.

When adding network access control the biggest stumbling block has been the high cost in back end server modifications, annual renewal fees, discard licenses due to employee turn over, and the training of the IT staff to manager all the new technology. Multifactor authentication for data security is too important and is needed by every business.  Security should not be priced so that only large Fortune 500 companies can afford its implementation. Power LogOn Enterprise Password Manager uses high-tech, security hardware that leverages off existing network security features. Here are some of the other feature of Power LogOn licenses that delivers the lowest cost of ownership:

  • No annual renewal fees or subscription fees
  • Licenses are transferable to any of the Access Smart card technologies. The only consumable cost is new card bodies.
  • Licenses are stored on the card for local access, or on the server for Active Director access.
  • Power LogOn can extend the functionality of already deployed cards*. Imagine adding enterprise password management to magnetic stripe cards without having to re-issue cards.
  • Lost or stolen cards can be hot listed so if they used to access the network they are automatically kill the license on the card and is not available for re-issuance.
  • No Minimum quantities per order

Please contact us for pricing and additional options available

* Dependent on the network architecture and requires server mode.

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enterprise password manager - Power LogOnenterprise password manager - Power LogOnenterprise password manager - Power LogOn