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Power LogOn Manager

Password Management – Password Concierge™.

Power LogOn Manager is appropriate for small to medium size companies, professionals, home offices and families. who want to finally securely manager their computer, internet and Windows applications. Imagine, no more long, complex passwords to remember or type. With two simple mouse clicks the user is securely logged in.

Power LogOn Manager kit supplies everything you need to secure your passwords. Plus, if you don’t already have a smartcard reader, Access Smart offers readers that best meet your needs.

SmartCard Reader Options: While some computers or users may already own a smartcard reader, if you needs a reader here are the different readers we offer. After adding Power LogOn Manager to your shopping cart, select which reader you want added to your kit from the “Reader Option” box that meets your needs.



Power LogOn Manager

Base System w/ USB Desktop Reader
Designed for Desktop PC computers with an available USB interface.

Price: $106.00

Other reader choices are available. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Power LogOn Manager Software Upgrade

Power LogOn Manager version 5.1.8 If you have Power LogOn Manager version 4 or older, then you will need to upgrade your software.

Price: $29.95