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Power LogOn Installation Kit

The Power LogOn Installation Kit gives you EVERYTHING you need to fully test, configure and manage a smartcard, enterprise password manager for network access authentication.  With our 90-day, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee there are no risks to evaluate Power LogOn.  The free 1.5 hours of tech support helps you with both installation and product training.  After installation, you have six contact smartcards cards and six demo licenses that are valid for 90-days after they have been issued to one of the cards.

Network access control starts with the purchase of our no risk Power LogOn Installation Kit

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Money Back Guarantee

Power LogOn allows IT to quickly and easily phase in multi-factor authentication. Installation typically takes one to two hours. IT has everything to customize, integrate and test all aspects of Power LogOn with their computers, clients, servers, networks, 3rd- party applications, clouds, and websites. To deploy, IT simple purchases the number of cards, readers, licenses, and support contract need. Typically, no more software integration required.

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 Fully Test:

  • Network Compatibility / Integration
  • Card Issuance / Life Cycle
  • Computer, Network, Web, Cloud applications logon password testing
  • 3rd Party application integration
  • Security policy implementation
  • Implement a six person test

No additional network integration is required after the Installation Kit.

Kit Includes:

Network user authentication for data security

  • 2 USB Readers
  • 6 smartcards ready for loading licenses
  • 6 trial licenses (expire 90-days after issuance)
  • 1 CD-ROM with the entire Power LogOn system
  • 10 self-adhesive inkjet labels
  • 2 “Getting Started” manuals
  • Full PDF User’s Manuals on CD-ROM
  • 1.5 hours of free technical support and training
  • 90 days to return Power LogOn for 100% money back


Risk Free Guarantee:

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Money Back Guarantee

90 day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Power LogOn Installation Kit is your network access control solution:

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