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Why Proper Network Access Control Is Very Important for Businesses

Last January 28, 2013, a ComputerWeekly article discussed why network access control (NAC) hasn’t caught on with most companies. For all its benefits, some businesses have failed to see the need for NAC. Such shortsightedness can backfire upon those companies who failed to implement some form of administration over their networks.

A well-defined network access control system can do a lot of good for a company by securing its network from outside intrusion. However, it’s not something any IT department can implement, let alone maintain. If a company has difficulty laying down an NAC system, it shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help from an access management solutions firm like Access Smart, LLC.


One of the major reasons why NACs don’t see widespread use is that a significant number of organizations fail to see the looming threats to their networks. A poll by ComputerWeekly and TechTarget reveals that roughly half of the more than 250 IT organizations they surveyed don’t use NACs. Those who do use NACs have reportedly only used it for certain functions, such as remote access and LAN connectivity, but not for its full capability of network security.

The article also suggests that the low usage of NAC can be attributed to the complexity of its implementation. Bringing other security and network solutions into the picture could conflict with NAC capability, and deploying NAC can be costly to boot. With so many perceived problems plaguing NACs, it can be difficult for companies to see the silver lining.

It’s important for companies to know how NACs can help them and to identify all the possible obstacles they could face as they properly implement the system. This way, they can fully maximize their use of the feature. Alternatively, they can hire firms that offer smart network access control solutions, which can simplify the process of implementing and running the system.

NACs may not be as widespread as they should be, but that’s only because companies have yet to grasp their full potential. Firms like Access Smart, LLC can definitely provide more information on how they work, and help businesses make the smart move toward the use of this system.