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SecurID Tokens Are Being Hacked

Are Your Secure ID Tokens Really Secure From Being Hacked?

One of the leading supplier of one time passwords (OTP) tokens is RSA (an EMC company) has recently been in the news because Lockheed Martin and L-3 Communications had their SecurID tokens being hacked.  RSA said that attackers had accessed code related to its SecurID two-factor authentication technology.

I have often commented on one issue with OTP technology is that they are only good for one server or account access since the software generated code has to be synchronized with a specific account/server. So, this means that if a user has access to multiple accounts or servers they have to have multiple tokens in their pants pockets, on a key chain or in a purse. But now the more serious concern has come to fruition – hacking the algorithm.

The problem is that when software is used to create a random number it is not truly random since some artificial (repeatable) stimulus was used. The most random number generator is still the human brain since people can think and computers can’t. However, the problem with human generated, complex passwords is how to effectively manage them. That is where Power LogOn Passwod Management Solution solves this problem.

Power LogOn is a smartcard based password manager that delivers security, convenience and low cost of ownership. Power LogOn® ensures that employees comply with your company’s IT security access policies. You can safeguard your computers, network, data, Internet and SaaS (cloud) sites and comply with the latest federal and state privacy protection guidelines and laws. And just as importantly, you save 30% – 40% of your IT budget by not having to reset forgotten passwords.

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