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Smart Card Authentication Stops Cyber-Attacks

Access Smart® Announces Power LogOn® Administrator 5.3 for Smart Cards

Power LogOn Administrator for Smart CardsAccess Smart LLC, a leading developer of password and network access authentication solutions through the use of smart card technology, today announced Power LogOn Administrator 5.3 for mid-sized businesses and large enterprises. The solution enables an IT manager to securely, affordably and quickly implement their company’s computer access password policy directly onto a smartcard while providing employees the convenience of not having to generate, remember or type logon passwords on computers, networks, VPN’s, clouds and internet sites.

“The rash of computer network hacks on businesses, healthcare, government agencies and educational institutions have shown that stronger password security is needed,” said Dovell Bonnet, founder and CEO of Access Smart. “Power LogOn uses multi-factor authentication between the user-to-the-card, the card-to-the-computer, card-to-the-server, and user-to-the-data at a substantial fraction of the cost and time of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The first line of network defense is to first authenticate who is ‘knocking’ on the firewall.”

Power LogOn Administrator 5.3 allows an IT manager to assign and issue smartcards with variable rights, privileges and passwords to each employee given authorization to network, data files and web accounts. The password data on the smartcard is secured using Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) for fast access and AES for securing the server password files. The new auto-syncing between Power LogOn and Active Directory makes password changes easy and convenient for users. Power LogOn has also added new fingerprint and iris biometric partners for even high levels of authentication. The IT Manager has complete control while the employee has data access convenience.

The smartcard can also be combined with an identification badge, so the same card that grants access to the facility permits access to the company network. The confidential data in PC’s and laptops can now be safeguarded so that a theft will not constitute as a data breach. Additional features such as secure, off-site access to company data and cashless purchases for food and supplies can also be added to the card, providing additional perks to employees, while maintaining a high level of logical and physical security.

Depending on the customization required, Power Logon can be implemented in as little as a few hours or a few days. With no heavy, back-end server modifications required and no annual license or subscription fees, the solution is less costly and cumbersome to install than other secure authentication solutions.

“There are two main barriers facing companies from implementing security: 1) If security is inconvenient, employees will find ways to circumvent it; and 2) If security is too expensive, executives will question if it’s needed. Access Smart addresses both these issues by combining top-level security, user convenience, and low cost of ownership,” said Bonnett. “With Power LogOn Administrator 5.3, companies can now reduce their data breach risks by removing the weakest link, the employee.”

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About Access Smart, LLC:
Headquartered in Ladera Ranch, California, Access Smart, LLC is dedicated to empowering businesses, agencies and institutions to securely regain control over their computer network authentication and data access authorization. Security does not have to be cumbersome to be effective. That is why our products are designed using state-of-the-art security technologies while focusing on ease-of-use and low-cost-of-ownership. Security should never be a luxury, especially with rampant data breaches and privacy regulations.

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