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Is Email Marketing a Thing of the Past?

Is email marketing a waste of time and money by Dovell BonnetEmail flyers and advertisements largely replaced paper flyers, just as online news blogs and sites are largely replacing traditional newspapers. However, email marketing is becoming less effective each passing day because people are so bombarded with spam in their email boxes that they simply are not responding as readily to blandishments to signup for free newsletters or to click on links in emails from people or companies that they have never heard of, no matter how enticing the offer.

Internet security or the lack there of, has made users suspicious and distrustful to all unsolicited emails. Let’s first take the argument from the personal perspective. We all have been hit with spam in our email accounts. We may have also experiences are own email address being hijacked by email spoofers. All with the intent to get the recipient to click a link or open a file to start the process of identity theft. Read More→