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Microsoft®’s Forefront Review

Microsoft ‘s Forefront Identity Manager Review by Dovell BonnettMicrosoft®’s Forefront  Needs More Than Identity Management for Cyber Attack Prevention

Microsoft ‘s Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 provides IT with the tools needed for  identity and access management through a SharePoint-based policy management console. Microsoft correctly targets the importance of identity management for users, devices, and services due to cyber attacks, regulatory mandates and privacy protection compliance. While FIM 2010 is designed around secure identity management, the logical question follows: How is the user properly identified during Windows authentication?

FIM 2010 has integrated passwords and certificates functions with smartcards to deliver a secure network. If the first link in the chain is insecure then the entire network is also insecure. Can you really trust and know who really is logging in, accessing files or purchasing unauthorized services? Smartcards two- or three- factors of authentication capabilities are a key component to establish trust. Read More→