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My 3 Top Security Strategies for 2012

My Top 3 Security Strategies for 2012 by Dovell BonnettIn Justine Rivero’s latest article “Three New Ways to Protect Your Identity in 2012” she is absolutely correct that smartcards for secure payment is needed because it is better to use security upfront than rely on identity theft protection after the fact. But why stop at payment? Smartcards offer secure data access to medical records, corporate networks, online commerce sites, computer logons, applications, and anything else where user authentication is required.

Identity thieves and cyber criminals are not just after credit card numbers. All the recent news articles about attacks by “Anonymous”, “Chinese” and organized crime has shown that digital information theft that can be used to embarrass, blackmail, and spy on companies and governments is damaging this nation. If you want to start re-building America then start by securing your data. Don’t wait for politicians to deliver solutions because they consistently prove they are part of the problem. Read More→

Network Security Products at ISC West 2011

Three network security products come together

Access Smart, Corvus Integration and CardLogix deliver network security products

Access Smart, Corvus Integration and CardLogix will be at the upcoming ISC West show in Las Vegas, NV from April 5th – April 7th. Come see and hear how logical access, biometric enrollment, chip card configuration and development solutions have been combined to deliver out-of-the-box network security products.  We are interested in meeting with companies who are interested in becoming resellers of network security products. Read More→

Password Manager Security Can Stop Data Breaches

Password manager security technologies are available today, use them.

We all have been told by IT that we must have complex passwords, they must have a minimum of eight characters, don’t use the same password for other sites, and then change your password again in 60-days. While this does set up a strong password security from IT’s perspective, it also forces employees to circumvent the security for their own convenience.

Now the government is mandating companies protect patient and customers personal data stored in computers. Companies need to deploy a password manager security technology to meet these demands.

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