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Password Manager for Windows in Africa

Access Smart Announces a New Password Manager for Windows Reseller in Africa

enterprise password managerAccess Smart® is pleased to announce a new Power LogOn – Password Manager for Windows – reseller in Africa. Pure Access IT, LTD, located in Abuja, Nigeria, is adding password manager for Windows to their extensive line of IT services. The addition of Power LogOn provides Pure Access IT customers with a complete secure network solution.

With data breaches and identity theft at epidemic levels, businesses and government agencies need network access authentication to identify a person prior to them getting past the firewall. Passwords are the most common way people use to log onto a computer, network and internet; but, the way individuals choose, use and manage their passwords makes them vulnerable to attack. Power LogOn delivers a secure means to manage passwords with multi-factor authentication, plus user convenience  of never having to remember, type or know their passwords. Power LogOn can also be tied in to Active Directory to keep IT as the central manager of access rights and privileges.

“Secure user authentication should never be a luxury and never a barrier to preventing cyber-attacks,” said Dovell Bonnett, Founder and CEO of Access Smart. “We are so pleased to have Pure Access IT as a strong partner.”

Pure Access IT Ltd is a multi-disciplined information technology integrator that offers IT solutions, training as well as expert implementation of the best technologies for website architecture and design, data access, transactions, Internet Service provision and information security. We work with leading companies to deliver to government and businesses at the highest level of technology, integration, and services. Pure Access is also engaged in the provision of software outsourcing services. Today hundreds of small and medium sized businesses including Government rely on the superior technical expertise of the Pure Access Team to support their Systems, network infrastructures, and to provide the necessary support to keep their businesses running.

“Access Smart adds those additional layers of security, low cost of ownership and user convenience needed to authenticate the user,” said Wasiu Olatundun, CEO of Pure Access IT.

Please contact Access Smart or Pure Access IT for more information.


My 3 Top Security Strategies for 2012

My Top 3 Security Strategies for 2012 by Dovell BonnettIn Justine Rivero’s latest article “Three New Ways to Protect Your Identity in 2012” she is absolutely correct that smartcards for secure payment is needed because it is better to use security upfront than rely on identity theft protection after the fact. But why stop at payment? Smartcards offer secure data access to medical records, corporate networks, online commerce sites, computer logons, applications, and anything else where user authentication is required.

Identity thieves and cyber criminals are not just after credit card numbers. All the recent news articles about attacks by “Anonymous”, “Chinese” and organized crime has shown that digital information theft that can be used to embarrass, blackmail, and spy on companies and governments is damaging this nation. If you want to start re-building America then start by securing your data. Don’t wait for politicians to deliver solutions because they consistently prove they are part of the problem. Read More→

SecurID Tokens Are Being Hacked

Are Your Secure ID Tokens Really Secure From Being Hacked?

One of the leading supplier of one time passwords (OTP) tokens is RSA (an EMC company) has recently been in the news because Lockheed Martin and L-3 Communications had their SecurID tokens being hacked.  RSA said that attackers had accessed code related to its SecurID two-factor authentication technology. Read More→