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ISSA’s SoCal Security Symposium

Great information but forgot a key security component. User Authentication.

On Wed 26th of October I attended the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Security Symposium in Long Beach, California. Different security leaders discussed poignant topics like Ali Pabrai’s, CEO, “Checklist for Addressing Breach Readiness” to the lighter hearted David Perry’s, Global Director Education Trend Micro, presentation “Security from the Cloud, for the Cloud, and by the Cloud”. There were also a number of vendor stations discussing a wide array of security products and services.

With so many state and federal data protection laws, and the high costs on a company after a network breach, network security is finally being discussed at the “C-Level” and by the boards of directors. The consensus among these experts is not “if” a cyber attack will occur but “when” will you finally discover that the breach?  Or putting it another way there are two kinds of companies; those that have been breached and those that Just don’t know it yet. Read More→