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Passphrases are NOT Secure Passwords

With all the news articles regarding the cyber-attacks by Anonymous, China, India and the release of the weak passwords employees’ use, some “security pundits” recommend the use of “passphrases” instead of passwords. However, I have to pop their balloon in that without secure management a passphrase is no more secure than any other random password. Here’s why…

Let’s say you came up with the passphrase “The Cow Jumped Over The Moon”. Then you implement some clever moves to make it more difficult by reversing and adding in number substitutions to create, “n00MehTrev0depmuJw0CehT”. To make this secure passphrase convenient to use you may write it on a post-it note, save it in a spreadsheet file, use the same phrase for multiple accounts, etc. This is where most password security falls on its face. Read More→