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Our management team provides businesses, agencies and institutions with an affordable and secure alternative to PKI so they can implement high level network authentication within days, not years, at a fraction of the cost of PKI.

Meet the Access Smart Management Team

Dovell Bonnett, Founder and CEO

Access Smart Management TeamDovell Bonnett has been creating security solutions for computer users for over 20 years. In order to provide these solutions to consumers as directly, and quickly, as possible, he founded Access Smart. With each of his innovations, the end user — the person sitting in front of a computer — is his, and the whole management team’s, No. 1 customer.

This passion, as he puts it, to “empower people to manage digital information in the digital age” also led him to write the popular Online Identity Theft Protection for Dummies. Within the pervasive nature of our e-commerce and e-business community, personal information, from credit card numbers to your pet’s name, is more easily accessed, and identity theft and fraud has become an issue that touches every consumer.

Mr. Bonnett’s solutions reduce security risks for individual users, small businesses and large corporations. His professional experience spans engineering, product development, sales and marketing, with more than 15 years focused specifically on smartcard technology, systems and applications. Mr. Bonnett has spent most of his smartcard career translating and integrating technology components into end-user solutions designed to solve business security needs and incorporating multi-applications onto a single credential using both contactless and contact smartcards. He has held positions at National Semiconductor, Siemens (Infineon), Certicom, Motorola and HID. He has held a top secret clearance with the US Navy, involved in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Elliptic Curve Cryptography, contributed to numerous papers for the Smart Card Alliance and frequently speaks at events to make security understandable for everyone. He continues his quest to meet specific needs with extraordinary solutions that give clients worldwide peace of mind that data security begins with network access authentication. He holds adual bachelor’s degrees in industrial and electrical engineering from San Jose State University.


Marguerite Bonnett, Executive Vice President

Access Smart Management TeamMarguerite Bonnett’s success has allowed her to focus on projects she truly believes in, and working with consumers — from small-business start-ups to Fortune 500 companies — to reduce the incidence of identity theft and fraud is an issue she has championed for the last several years. Having worked within the industry from its first days, she’s helped the e-commerce sector grow and has kept her finger on the pulse of both its triumphs and failures.

Chief among the failures arethe security risks for the end user, a problem that Access Smart created solutions for, and Ms. Bonnett continues to share this information with consumers as widely and quickly as possible. She has more than 10 years experience in Silicon Valley high-tech marketing covering several industries from semiconductors to back-end Wall Street data services. As a marketing professional, Ms. Bonnett has managed Web site development for start up firms, ongoing collateral including brochures, training seminars, direct mail, customer support and trade shows. She has significant experience in art and design, including work on several feature films in addition to screenwriting.


Dietrich Wecker, Technology Developer & Management Adviser

Management AdvisorA co-creator of the Power LogOn software, Dietrich Wecker is a forward-thinking software innovator. He also has an unusual capability for an MS level engineer — he excels at listening to what customers need and is able to deliver solutions in the most user-friendly way. Mr. Wecker’s ability to see the big picture by balancing customer need with technical potential and business case has enabled Sphinx software to establish the substantial installed customer base that it boasts today.

His strong leadership ensures that both strategic partners and customers may continue to expect the high level of quality and responsiveness that have become the hallmark of his solutions. He has more than 20 years of experience in application development, and leading development and integration teams for a wide range of software and hardware systems.


Mark McGovern, Director of Security – Government Sector

Management AdvisorMark McGovern is a veteran Information Security and Identity professional, and an internationally recognized expert on Identity Management, permissions/privilege management, information warfare, Net-Centricity and cryptography. He speaks regularly at national and international conferences and symposiums, and he has been featured in USA Today, NPR (National Public Radio), Frost & Sullivan, CNN, Time Digital Magazine, Government Security News, and EDS Public Affairs. Mr. McGovern has been principal contributor to numerous smart card and security technology white papers.

 Mr. McGovern’s career has included Chief Technologist for Identity Management and Information for Lockheed Martin, a Secretary of Defense appointed member of the Defense Science Board, Department of Defense expert advisor, faculty member for the Ohio University Automatic Identification and Data Capture Technical Institute (AIDCTI) and Sr. Consultant for Cryptography and Manager for Smart Card/Secure Token at EDS.

 Mr. McGovern’s has held the positions of Chapter President, VP and Membership Chair for HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigation Association). He is also associated with such organizations like NMIA (National Military Intelligence Association); OPSEC (Operations Security) Professionals Society; AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association); and the NDIA (National Defense Industrial Association).

Mr. McGovern has an MBA from Old Dominion University, an MA from San Diego State University and a BMEd from Vandercook College.  He is a certified Navy Instructor and has received specialized training from the National Security Agency, MIT Cambridge Institute, and Georgetown University studying Cryptography under Dr. Dorothy Denning.