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Are you looking to offer your Customers a Password Manager for Business?

As a business owner, the decision to form new business alliances or resell new products, is done for one or more of the following reasons:

Password Manager for Business

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1. Increase revenue
2. Reduce costs
3. Find new customers


We get it. At Access Smart, we look at the bigger picture. It’s not about us selling one more license, but rather you having a market differentiator, expanding into new markets before your competitors, and offering new products and services to your existing customers.

Maybe you’re an electronic medical records (EMR) software developer. HIPAA is requiring that doctor’s offices and hospitals add more security to protect patient health records. You can now easily add multi-factor authentication into your solution, that meets all the government authentication requirements, and is very easy to use. Add in our API code and you’re done. That puts you ahead of your competitors in both development time and cost.

Or, maybe you’re a Microsoft Channel Partner and are offering new cloud services like Azure, Office 365, Windows 10, or SQL server. Offering a secure password logon manager that is fully tested and certified by Microsoft shows your customers that you are looking out for their business needs. Microsoft has posted on their Channel 9 Blog and Azure Tweets that Access Smart’s Power LogOn® adds an additional layer of security coverage from “fingertips to storage.” You can now have the integrated, security certified, enterprise password solution that differentiates you from Apple and Google products.

Power LogOn Resellers

Say you are a physical access dealer, integrator and installer. You know there are now two doorways into a company: physical and virtual. The physical access control badge has the technology to do way more than make a door go “beep.” When asking your customers to go through the expense and hassle of rebadging is out of the question, now you can offer an easy to install cyber access control solution that only takes about an hour to install. Employees self enroll, and all you have to do is sell software licenses.

These are just a few ideas to demonstrate how Access Smart works with you to achieve your business objectives. We work with you as a partner. It’s a win-win scenario. No matter what your business or how you fit into the overall security chain, Access Smart is here to help you grow.