One Employee Badge Secures Your
Physical Access & Network Access

Power LogOn eliminates the #1 enterprise cybersecurity threat: Employee Managed Passwords.

CSO Online featured Power LogOn in an article by columnist and KnowBe4’s Data Driven Defense Evangelist, Roger Grimes. Roger says, “Imagine my pleasant surprise when a vendor showed me something relatively simple that I liked. The founder didn’t make false anti-hacking promises, seems to really know his stuff, and has a working product used by many customers, including a few Fortune 100 companies. The kicker? It’s easy to install, setup and use.”

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84% of data breaches are the result of weak passwords

Companies spend a lot of time and money protecting their back-end network. Unfortunately, they often overlook the single-biggest cybersecurity threat at the front end of their network…employee-managed passwords. Putting a lousy lock on your virtual front door will cost you. 

With more than 14 years’ experience in cybersecurity, we know the vulnerabilities companies face when it comes to employee-managed passwords, which is why we developed Power LogOn. Don’t let your employees manage company passwords. Let technology do it.

Power LogOn follows Four Pillars of Cybersecurity

Like a team of Guardians protecting your network gateways, Power LogOn guards against data breaches by impacting all Four Pillars of Cybersecurity.


One holistic solution for physical and cyber access prevents employees from circumventing protocols.


Comply with government regulations, help your employees abide by security policies.


Proprietary systems cost more and limit your ability to customize to meet your user’s needs.


Cost-effective solutions, easy installs, and backward compatibility that works wtih your existing systems.

Compliance with Regulations and Policies

As the Security Enforcer, I need compliance with government standards and specifications while at the same time preventing employees from circumventing my internal policies.

The Security Enforcer

Power LogOn helps me comply with government regulations and internal policies while eliminating the biggest threat to my network: employee-managed passwords.

Full compliance with Gov regulations (HIPPA, DFARS, CJIS, others)

FIPS 140-2, NIST 800-63b, NIST 800-171, HSPD-12 compliant

Reporting capabilities provide an audit trail.

Conveniently leverage your existing infrastructure

As the Integrator, I know security is not secure unless it’s also convenient. I need a holistic approach that secures the gaps between different products, without badge recalls or reissuance.

Power LogOn gives me all that, plus it conveniently works with my existing infrastructure so employees can use one credential for multiple applications. After all, shouldn’t employee ID badges do more than make a door go beep?

One credential for physical and cyber access.

Cost effective and efficient (self-enrollment, no badge recalls).

Works with many technologies such as Memory, Java, Multos, PIV, CAC, EV1, Mifare, DESfire, aptiQ, ISO-15693, ISO-14443, 125kHz Prox, Magnetic stripe, barcode, and more.

The Integrator

Security without sacrificing customization

As the Networker, I need security with customization because not all users need the same level of access. Unfortunately, typical proprietary systems lock you into a costly “security their way” system

The Networker

Power LogOn’s non-proprietary system gives me the flexibility I need to provide authentication and authorization my way.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) with authentication, authorization, and non-repudiation.

Integrates with Active Directory and other LDAPs.

Works with Terminal Services, VMWare, Remote Desktop, Server 2012 & 2016, and SQL Servers

Eliminate employee-managed passwords

As the fixer, managing passwords seems like a “never-ending” challenge. Before Power LogOn, 30% of our helpdesk calls were to reset passwords for employees. Now, with Power LogOn’s enterprise password manager, I no longer have to reset forgotten passwords.

Since Power LogOn manages our passwords, we are protected against the most common cyber attacks.

Protects passwords from malware, social engineering, and phishing attacks.

Employees can’t share passwords, write them on sticky notes, or reuse them.

Set and change employee passwords without employee involvement.

The Fixer

An economical solution with easy installation

As the installer, I don’t want to spend excess time getting two pieces of software talking to each other. Power LogOn eliminates the need for costly back-end server modifications and can be installed in less than an hour.

The Integrator

I love that Power LogOn helps me lower my operating costs and improves my team’s productivity.

No subscription or annual renewal fees.

Transfer and recycle licenses (employee turnover, lost, and temporary cards).

No more time-consuming rip ‘n’ replace “solutions.”

Power LogOn Secures These Industries

Health Care




Law Enforcement

Native American Tribes

With many additional industries served, we’ve got you covered.

Take Back Control of Company Passwords

70% of small businesses go bankrupt within six months of a data breach. Power LogOn lets you take back control of employee-managed passwords, so you can stay focused on growing your business.


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Eliminate employee-managed passwords and get back to focusing on growing your business.

What our customers say

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 Companies spend a tremendous amount of money securing their networks only to discover they have overlooked some of the greatest threats. We know because, after 14 years in the security industry, we’ve seen too many companies ruined by data breaches. Don’t be one of them.