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Help Desk Password Reset Costs

Help desk password reset costs waste time, money and resources.

Help desk password reset costs are expensive and time consuming for IT. Purchasing automated password programs does not add any security because it still allows the employee to manage them. Often the real costs are unknown. This tool asks you many of the determining factors to then determine the average cost of a password reset.

Power LogOn can eliminate the password reset calls, you will also see how long the business sees a positive return on their investment. Typically, it is just over one year.

Help Desk Calls & Password ROI Calculator


  1. A work month is 22 days at 8 hours a day
  2. The cost of cards and licenses purchased is based of the percentage of employees that use passwords
  3. The average number of calls per User/month is according to the META Group
  4. Percentage of password helpdesk calls according to the Gartner Group
Please fill in the white areas to calculate your estimated ROI:
(initial values shown for example only)
  Number of Employees   employees
  Help Desk calls per User/month
(Average 1.75)
  Duration of Help Desk calls (minute)   minutes
  Hourly cost of HelpDesk staff $ /hr.
  Hourly cost of employee $ /hr.
  Percentage of HelpDesk calls for password reset
(Average 30%)
  Pecentage of employees that use passwords   %
  Current Costs for password resets per year $ /yr.
  Average cost of Power LogOn per Employee
(Card and License)
  Power LogOn ROI in years   yr.
Total saving (cost) in one year $
  Total saving (cost) in years $  

The actual ROI costs and saving may differ from those calculated here because custom
requirements and assumptions can't be accounted for in this calculator.