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Power LogOn Network Authentication Testimonials

smartcard chip and pin testimonialsOne of the best way to determine the value of Power LogOn and the service of Access Smart is  by hearing testimonials directly from our customers . Based upon your business and industry, our customers describe their network authentication problems, their custom needs and how Power LogOn resolved their issues. While no two businesses are the same, the need for authentication, privacy compliance, low cost and user convenience is universal.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

This is a “Must Have” product for any online entrepreneur!

As a Virtual Assistant/Online Business Manager and Web Developer I need to not only have dozens of client passwords at my fingertips at all times, but it is critical that I keep those passwords safe. Power LogOn Administrator gives me complete peace of mind that mine and my clients passwords are easily accessible and SAFE. I count on this product to safeguard my business.

A must-have product for internet security.

Great product with simplicity in use AND rigorous security behind the curtain! I’ve been in the identity security field for years and have used and evaluated several other products before Power LogOn, and none come close to the simplicity of use for installation and frequent usage. Very easy to use with a built-in smartcard reader or a stand-alone reader. The ability to easily generate random and secure passwords makes it easy to have different passwords for every secure site and to change them on a regular basis.

This great product has allowed me to quickly and reliably log-on.

I am an Ophthalmologist and have used electronic medical records for two years. Besides catastrophic data loss, my biggest fear is a security breach. One of the biggest vulnerabilities is a patient and a PC in a room behind a closed door. Locking windows solves that problem, but it is cumbersome to enter multiple passwords each time I enter the room.
Enter Power LogOn. This great product has allowed me to quickly and reliably log-on to Windows AND my EMR in less than a second. Set-up was made easy with their knowledgable tech support team and they have been a pleasure to work with. I feel this product is a must for all EMR users who wish to gain efficiency.

A Must Have!

We have used this product for over 6 years now. Back then, as the IT Director for a public charter school, I was looking for a way to increase the security of our student network without forcing students to have to remember strong passwords. I found AccessSmart though a web search. I tried the software on a limited basis over the summer and was amazed at the ease of installation! I immediately made a business case for implementing this school wide. We originally started with an Access back-end, and soon thereafter converted to a SQL server back-end. We serve about 2000 students annually. Each year, with the help of tech support, we refresh our database and clear out all licenses for reuse the next year. Due to our enrollment cycles and the opening of another campus, we recently increased our licenses to 4000.This product has been a life saver! The students and teachers like the product; our help desk calls for locked accounts dropped to almost zero; when students remove the card from the readers, they are automatically logged off of the computer they were using thereby freeing it to be used by the next student; students rarely forget their smartcards because it also is their ID card. The tech support is excellent! The white card readers are steady with a base that is hard to tip over and it is very durable.I have and continue to be extremely pleased with the product, the company representative and the customer support.

We are long-time Power LogOn users in our corporate office.

We are longtime Power LogOn users in our corporate office. With so many passwords securing private information – both ours and our customers’ – we knew we needed to have something in place to make sure no one got access. We use our building access card as one factor in the two-factor authentication, then everyone chooses their own PIN. Some passwords stored in the Power LogOn software are managed by our IT admin, but we can enter others in and manage them ourselves. After we started using it, no one could imagine ever going back to the way it was before, where everyone tried to remember all their passwords. This product is a must-buy, and has been extremely reliable for us.

Excellent product, works flawlessly!

 I’m an IT pro and have Installed it on my clients Windows Server 2008 along with 6 Windows 7 Pro workstations. It’s been about 1 yr and both doctors love it, they go from exam room to exam room insert their smart card into a slot on the Dell keyboard/smart card reader and securely logs them in, and when they’re finished with their patient they remove the card and the computer securely locks. Everything is customizable and the company has excellent support if you ever need it. Highly recommend it.

Small Business Network Authentication – Audio Testimonials

Shawn Cassidy, IT Manager for Door-to-Door services discusses the log on security issues facing his company and how he used Power LogOn to address those problems. Combined physical access, employee ID and logical access for ease-of-use to employees and to the IT Manager. Click the audio file below to hear the entire interview.

[audio:|titles=Shawn Cassidy]

University Network Authentication – Audio Testimonials

Karen Clay is the IT Director for Carlos Rosario International Charter School. She had the problem of students and faculty  maintaining strong password security with proper student log off of lab computers between class periods. Hear how Power LogOn addressed all her issues.

[audio:|titles=Karen Clay Case Study1]


If your business needs a cost effective computer and network authentication, try Power LogOn Administrator.

Endorsement Testimonials

“I have known and worked with Dovell over a ten year time frame and across multiple companies. Working with him has always been easy, because I can trust his instincts to do the right thing and to get it done professionally. Dovell combines an acute sense of technical detail with ‘big picture’ conceptualization to distill even the most technical projects down to practical objectives. Dovell Bonnett is a man of his word and I would hope that he continues in the secure access and smart card industries as the luminary that he is.” Bruce Ross, President & CEO, CardLogix Corporation (business partner)


“I have been associated with Dovell Bonnett and his company since 2006 and can say he is the consummate professional. He is both a visionary in the security industry as well as executing flawlessly with his Power LogOn product that our firm uses. Password reset requests are a thing of the past with Power LogOn; great customer service too!” Kirk Bennett, Founder, On Point Business Advisors (business partner)


“I know Dovell since 15 years, and have hardly seen anybody as dedicated to his goals and to the smart card industry. Being partners nowadays, it always has been a pleasure working with him. I wish him all the best, persistence and luck for him and his company.” Sven Gossel, Product Marketing Manager, Siemens (colleague)


“I have had the chance to work along side of Dovell during our time at HID and found him to be bright, forward looking and earnest. He is a highly capable and reliable businessman that is certain to make a difference in your enterprise.” Steve Wagner, COO, HID Global (colleague)


“I have worked with Mr. Bonnett on smart card credentials, access and security through the Smart Card Alliance and the development of secure access credentials and elated policies and practices. I could always depend on Mr. Bonnett to contribute very balanced and well reasoned recommendations. John G. Moore Former Chair of the Government Smart Card Interagency Advsory Board, and individual founder of the Smart Card Alliance.” John Moore, Chair, Retired (business partner) 


“Dovell is one of the few people in industry in the US who has held deep understanding of the technology of smartcards that enabled him to apply it properly and thoughtfully. Always a pleasure to work with Dovell’s pleasant personality and tremendous knowledge & commitment.” Ayman S. Ashour, COO & co-CEO, Assa Abloy Identification Technology Group (colleague)


“Dovell brings subject matter and business expertise to bear in his efforts to provide useful, secure authentication to his customers. I have known Dovell since he managed converged smart card business activities at HID. We continue to stay in touch and work together today. I fully recommend reaching out to Dovell and Access Smart as you investigate your options for strong authentication credentials and enterprise access solutions.” Salvatore D’Agostino, CEO, IDmachines LLC (business partner)


“Being a solo-preneur who runs two small internet based businesses, I have to manage HUNDREDS of passwords – mine and my clients. How do I do it? With Power LogOn from Access-Smart Founder and CEO Dovell Bonnett spent a considerable amount of time educating me on the very real dangers of the damage that could be done to my Virtual Assistance practice if any of my clients passwords were hacked. No matter the question, he had an answer or solution that he backed up with statistics and a deep knowledge of his industry. As far as I am concerned, Power Logon Password Management Solution is a “MUST HAVE” solution for any company, small or large. I give Dovell Bonnett and Access-Smart my highest endorsement!” Denise Griffitts (client)


“Dovell always aspires to be an expert in his field whether it’s related to smartcards, financial management and investing, or identity theft prevention.” LaPierre Lester, Regional Sales Manager, Motorola Indala (colleague)


“Mr. Bonnett is undeniably one of the leading edge strategists and experts on creating security solutions for computer users for over 20 years. His expertise and passion for creating online security is evidenced by his creating Access-Smart which we use at our company. Through him, we learned how to protect our company from security issues. If you are in business today, you cannot afford to ignore online security issues that face large and small businesses everyday. I would highly recommend Mr. Bonnet’s services. His knowledge and experience in this field are truly exceptional. Terri Murphy, CIO, U. S. Learning LLC” Terri Murphy, CIO,, U. S. Learning, Inc. (business partner)


“Dovell had an extremely broad talent for knowledge of smart card technology which is only surpassed by his INTEGRITY.” Jody Zimmerman, Director Nrth America BD, Siemens (colleague)