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Network Access Authentication, Cyber Security and Password Manager for Windows

Network Access Authentication PressWhen is comes to network access authentication, cyber security and password manager for Windows, Dovell Bonnett of Access Smart has built a long term career promoting and developing smartcard technologies products to address these issues. It is through this passion that has allowed computer users  to have security they need and site managers to get the authentication they desire. As an expert on the development of smartcards, identity theft and security authentication products, Dovell has had a number of interviews on radio, TV, written ezine articles and is the author of “Identity Theft Protection for Dummies®. Here is just some of what has been said In The Press.

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Cyber attacks are now at epidemic levels. A single computer breach is now estimated to cost over $7.2 million per incident. Companies, universities, utility plants and government offices are battling this by adding more backend security (like firewalls, anti-virus and CAPTCHAs) to protect their sensitive data, all the while leaving the “front door” wide open. The biggest and most overlooked threat to almost every system is not from outside. It’s your own employees! Beefing up network access authentication through password size and complexity frequently leads to more insecurity because it drives the users to practice poor password management.

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Mari Frank, attorney and privacy consultant, is the creator of The Identity Theft Survival Kit, the audiocassette series Identity Theft Prevention and Survival, co-author of Privacy Piracy (with Beth Givens), and the author of two new books published by Porpoise Press (January 2005): From Victim to Victor: A Step by Step Guide for Ending the Nightmare of Identity Theft (2nd Edition, with CD) and Safeguard Your Identity: Protect Yourself With a Personal Privacy Audit. Mari is also the co-host with Lloyd Boshaw of Privacy Piracy a one hour public affairs radio show at KUCI 88.9 FM and (U. of Ca., Irvine) dealing with all issues of privacy in the information age. Dovell discusses the importance of network access authentication for the small to medium size businesses with his smartcard-based password manager for Windows.

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The guys discuss the Power Logon solution and how easy it is to use, and what an affordable system to have for personal and business use.

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It’s that time of year again – Back to school! How can you keep your kids SAFE at school – and on-line? As kids and young adults prepare to go back to school and head off to college, parents make sure they have all the necessary tools and supplies. Is SAFETY one of them? Dovell Bonnett, Founder & CEO of Access Smart and expert of network access authentication talks about cyber-safety for kids and parents. He’ll also share his tips to help prevent kids from becoming virtual targets for on-line predators and bullies.

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Join us tonight this evening at 7:00 p.m. as we host guest, Dovell Bonnett, Founder and CEO of Access Smart, LLC. Mr. Bonnett is also the author of Online Identity Theft Protection for Dummies and an expert on network access authentication for small businesses.

He has been creating security solutions for computer users for over 20 years. Tonight he will discuss many issues related to personal and online security risks for individual users and small businesses and may also discuss security issues for large corporations.  Join us to discover how to better manage your security data.

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