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Is Your Cloud Provider Sidestepping Security?

Is Your Cloud Provider Sidestepping Security? by Dovell Bonnet, Access SmartWhen you accept that cloud provider’s contract to store or backup your company’s data on their servers, did you read the fine print? According to Gartner, 2012 may be the year that Cloud Services gets a big boost because companies are looking to decrease IT costs, have more access form remote users and offer more services to your customers. But, at what cost?

In the April 2011 “Security of Cloud Computing Providers Study” white paper by the Ponemon Institute three very disturbing conclusions were made. One, cloud providers do not view security as a competitive advantage. Two, they don’t view security as an important responsibility. And three, cloud providers believe it is their customer’s responsibility to secure the cloud and not theirs. This is very evident when you look over the top leading cloud providers (Amazon, Google, and Microsoft ) contracts. Read More→