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Identity Theft and Political Chicanery

Recently there was a story about the arrest of a former Obama campaign staffer who was caught in a scheme to impersonate Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz. It is unclear at this point whether the intention of Zach Edwards was to use Mr. Schultz’s personally identifying information to gain politically or financially by either opening credit cards in his name or selling his information on the open market,  but he certainly had the ability to do so. If the attack had been successful it would have falsely implicate Secretary Schultz in perceived illegal or unethical behavior while in office.

The cost of identity theft is more than the charges on a credit card. Victims have referred to it as “Identity Rape”. It is incumbent on us, the consumer, to protect our identities with all means that can be brought to bear. If you are interested in more ways to protect your identity, please check out my free book, “Online Identity Theft Protection for Dummies”.