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Large Password and User Names Heist

8.24 Million Passwords and User Names stolen and posted by hackers.

Data SecurityIf you use the online gaming site Gamigo, if your user name was your email address and you use the same password elsewhere then you need to be very, very concerned.  Cyber criminals will now start scouring the important networks and sites with your user name and passwords to your steal money, buy goods and change your settings.

While security pundits will tell you that you need strong passwords, every site should have different passwords and change passwords periodically, I’m going to tell you a few things they typically don’t.

  1. Get a secure password manager solution so you don’t have to remember or type passwords again. Not all password managers are secure.
  2. Don’t make your user name your email address and have bogus emails if the site requires one.
  3. Don’t use the same user name everywhere either. Make it gibberish too.
  4. Many of the little tricks about remembering passwords are stupid and don’t work. They are designed only to make you think you have security.
  5. Don’t save passwords in your browser. Read More→

How to Detect a Phishing Email

I recently received an email that looked like Microsoft was doing a campaign on its 25-year anniversary of Excel. If I would submit an article of my best Excel story, according to the email, I could win an X-Box.

My first thought was, “Has it really been 25-years and, boy do I have some great stories.” But looking over the email, something just didn’t seem right. Was this a phishing email? So here is my quick and easy test to determine if the email is a scam aimed at getting you to involuntarily give up your login and password information. Read More→